3 thoughts on “Obama ’s Trip to Iraq – Continuing War and Occupation

  1. No surprise here.
    Business as usual = Lies and empty promises.
    “Change”, what change?
    The only thing that has changed is the skin color and there is not one thing wring with that except Obama is not capable of running a country. He did nothing (not even vote) while he was a senator. The “presidency” is nothing more than a lust for power and money and a popularity contest much like a dictatorship.

  2. It’s been a real emotional roller coaster ride for me.

    I had so much hope that President Obama would provide REAL change. But as they say, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

    We should not have been surprised: look at how the Democratic Party used Cindy Sheehan (and I mean “used” in a very literal sense) prior to the mid-term election, and then heartlessly dumped her after they no longer needed her.

    Republican or Democrat. Bush or Obama. Maybe there really is no difference. Just a different rhetoric they use to gain power. And once their goal is achieved, it’s “business as usual”.

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