Ellsberg: I am Julian Assange

By Robert Naiman

Since E.D. Hirsch failed in his noble jihad to enforce Cultural Literacy, I can't assume readers are familiar with the scene in "Annie Hall" in which Woody Allen stops a movie line bloviator from pontificating about Marshall McLuhan by producing the actual Marshall McLuhan from behind a movie poster to tell the pontificator off. So, below is a clip.

Allen concludes the scene by saying to the camera, "Boy, if life were only like this."


Hands off Wikileaks, Free Julian Assange

By Debra Sweet

Julian Assange’s attorney, Mark Stephens, says that he’s learned there is a secret grand jury convened in Virginia, to consider charges against Assange, CNN reported today in Assange attorney: Secret grand jury meeting in Virginia on WikiLeaks.

Assange is being held in London on a Swedish warrant for questioning in relation to allegations of sexual assault there.  It’s widely believed that those charges – which should be carefully investigated, as should all charges of sexual misconduct – are a cover for the Swedish government handing Assange over to the U.S. government.


Hands off Wikileaks! Prosecute War Crimes, Not Those Who Leak Them

Statement by World Can't Wait:

Hands off Wikileaks!  Prosecute War Crimes, Not Those Who Leak Them

Wikileaks Published Nothing But the Truth About Your Government

The truth is in your hands now.” 
      -Julian Assange, Founder of Wikileaks

Over the past months, hundreds of thousands of confirmed U.S. military and State Department documents and video have been published on the internet by Wikileaks, a not-for-profit media organization, under the headings Collateral Murder, Afghan War Diary, Iraq War Logs, and Cablegate.

Both victims and opponents of the U.S. wars and occupations, and innumerable others who value and demand freedom of the press, freedom of speech, welcome and support the publication of the classified documents by Wikileaks and other media outlets such as The Guardian and The New York Times, which are also publishing the Cablegate documents.


U.S. Lashes Out At Wikileaks

From Revolution 

On December 7, Julian Assange, director of the Internet media outlet Wikileaks, turned himself in at a London police station. For weeks before his arrest, Assange lived on the run, as Wikileaks began releasing hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables from U.S. embassies throughout the world, and threats against him from governments and police agencies in the U.S. and Europe mounted.

A Full-Court Press of Repression
In particular, the U.S. state unleashed a full-court press of repression, threats, deceit, and manipulation in a furious effort to silence Julian Assange and shut down Wikileaks.


Why did I back Julian Assange? It's about justice and fairness

Jemima Khan

"Even my mother asked why I would stand surety for an alleged rapist. I was there because I believe this is about censorship."

By Jemima Khan

Why did I offer to provide surety for an alleged rapist, a man I have never met? That's the question even my mother asked me after I appeared in court for Julian Assange.

That morning I had sent a spur-of-the-moment message of support by email to Assange's lawyer, Mark Stephens, when I read of his arrest. He immediately responded and asked if I would be prepared to come to court in the next hour to act as a surety for Assange. I was nervous about the inevitable media circus, but felt that it was the right thing to do after being convinced by Stephens that it could help.


WikiLeaks: Call of Duty

Leaks have made it harder for Western governments to dupe their citizens into accepting potential
future wars.

For professional historians the publication of the vast trove of diplomatic cables is a bittersweet affair.

No one outside of the Washington establishment and the myriad foreign leaders shamed by revelations of their penchant for hatred, hubris and pedestrian peccadillos can seriously argue that the release of these classified documents has done anything but good for the cause of peace and political transparency.

Whether about Iraq, Afghanistan, or the minuate of American diplomacy, they have shed crucial light on some of the most important issues of the day and will make it much harder for Western or Middle Eastern governments to lie to their people about so many aspects of the various wars on/of terror in the future.


Assange lawyer says US spying indictment imminent

By David Edwards

Update: Assange attorney says he's not been allowed to meet with his client

London lawyer, Mark Stephens, told Voice of Russia, the Russian government's international radio broadcasting service, that British officials will not allow him to meet with Julian Assange until the day before a Dec. 14 court hearing.

"The one thing that is slightly frustrating is that we have another court hearing on December 14 and I’ve not been permitted a legal visit until December 13, which, of course, gives me less than 24 hours to prepare his case," Stephens said.

Second update: Glenn Greenwald notes that if the Department of Justice is successful in prosecuting Assange, it will be the first time a non-government employee is convicted under the Espionage Act.



The Devil’s Advocates

Bloody HandsBy Dennis Loo
There is a scene in the 1997 film “The Devil’s Advocate” starring Keanu Reeves, Al Pacino and Charlize Theron based on the Andrew Neiderman novel that speaks to the war over Wikileaks now raging.
Mary Ann Lomax (Charlize Theron) goes clothes shopping with two wives of associates of her attorney husband Kevin Lomax (Keanu Reeves). For a split second the two very well heeled, fashionably attired, and beautiful wives she is with are revealed to Mary Ann in their true visages as despicable looking demons. Mary Ann tries to warn her husband that he’s getting involved with dark forces and that the law firm’s blandishments of riches are bait. Kevin chalks it up to Mary Ann’s mental instability and has her committed to a mental institution where she ends up killing herself. Kevin later discovers to his horror that Mary Ann was right: his boss John Milton (Al Pacino) turns out not only to be his biological father, but Satan himself.
Today the Empire is showing its true nature, while all of its fine representatives are dressed up in their finest garb, prominently displaying their American flag lapels, looking all so respectable, regal and deadly serious. The Empire’s face and hands, however, are dripping with blood and its voice demands vengeance.


Tell the Truth: Go to Jail and/or Prepare to Die

By Dennis Loo

How fine a society is this?

Let's take stock, shall we? Our august leaders are such a wonderful lot. They range from AG Eric Holder (who can't seem to find a reason to prosecute self-confessed torturers such as Bush and Cheney) but who declares that he will find a way to put Assange away, even if it means changing the law, and Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein (who wants Assange to be sentenced to 2.5 million years in prison - I kid you not) to GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee who wants Assange executed for treason and GOP presidential aspirant Sarah Palin who said to ABC after her website got targetted by hackers carrying out what they call "Operation Payback" in retaliation for her and Mastercard, VISA, Amazon, and PayPal's attacks on Wikileaks, withdrawing Wikileaks' ability to receive donations and to be hosted on their sites even though they have committed no crimes (although VISA and Mastercard still allow the KKK to collect money!):


Wikileaks: Bush and Obama Pressured Spain, Germany, not to Investigate U.S. Torture

By Andy Worthington 

In the relatively small number of US diplomatic cables released to date by WikiLeaks, from its cache of 251,287 documents, the most disturbing revelations concerning the “War on Terror” deal with the pressure that the Bush administration exerted on Germany in 2007, regarding the planned prosecution of thirteen CIA agents involved in the rendition and torture of Khaled El-Masri, a German citizen seized as a result of mistaken identity, and the pressure that the Obama administration exerted on the Spanish government in 2009, to derail a criminal investigation into the role played by six senior Bush administration lawyers in establishing the policies that governed the interrogation — and torture — of prisoners seized in the “War on Terror.”

Neither of these developments had been reported prior to the release of the cables by WikiLeaks, and they are therefore extremely significant in establishing how long Bush administration officials were involved in fending off torture investigations overseas, and how eagerly Obama administration officials took up this role.



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