Ecosystem Facing Disaster, A System Not Fit to Be Caretaker of the Earth

 by Orpheus Reed and Larry Everest 

When you stick your finger into one of the orange-brown or black, asphalt-smelling globs of oil now washing into the wetlands where the Mississippi Delta meets the Gulf of Mexico, it just gloms on and sticks. It's hard to get off. You see it stuck to the stalks of the roso-cane reeds, which hold the wetlands in place.
Then you start thinking about what happens when a fish, a bird, or some other creature gets caught in this toxic stew. And you think about how these pools are only the first, small waves of oil from the exploded wellhead of British Petroleum's "Deepwater Horizon." And you just can't take it.


BP and Administration: Lies, Deceit, and Coverup in the Gulf

 by Stephen Lendman 

From the start, Obama administration and BP officials lied and deceived the public about the Gulf spill's severity, BP CEO Tony Hayward saying (on May 18) its environmental effect will be "very modest," when, in fact, it's already catastrophic, spreading, causing long-term or permanent ecological destruction over a vast area, will likely persist for months, and, according to some experts perhaps years if nothing tried to stop it works.
Initially, BP reported a 1,000 barrels per day leak, then 5,000 after the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) estimate, while independent analysis of company supplied video and satellite imagery suggest somewhere between 50 - 100,000 barrels, the consensus settling on 70,000, or an Exxon Valdez equivalent every 3.5 days - by far, America's greatest ever environmental disaster, worsening daily.


Killing Our World

by William Rivers Pitt 

"I wanted to destroy everything beautiful I'd never have," wrote Chuck Palahniuk in his novel,"'Fight Club."
"Burn the Amazon rain forest. Pump chlorofluorocarbons straight up to gobble the ozone. Open the dump valves on supertankers and uncap offshore oil wells.
I wanted to kill all the fish I couldn't afford to eat, and smother the French beaches. I wanted the whole world to hit bottom ... I wanted to breathe smoke. I wanted to burn the Louvre. I'd do the Elgin Marbles with a sledgehammer and wipe my ass with the Mona Lisa. This is my world, now."


Massive Underwater Oil Cloud Destroying Life in Gulf of Mexico

 By Mike Adams 

Over a week ago, I published an article on NaturalNews questioning the media spin on the massive oil spill in the Gulf. That story, entitled Is Gulf disaster far worse than we're being told?, stated the following:
"It's hard to say exactly what's going on in the Gulf right now, especially because there are so many conflicting reports and unanswered questions. But one thing's for sure: if the situation is actually much worse than we're being led to believe, there could be worldwide catastrophic consequences.


BP Blows an Apocalyptic Gusher

By Harvey Wasserman

As you read this, the life of our bodies, nation, and planet is being blown out a corporate hole in the Gulf of Mexico and into a BP Dead Zone of no return.

The apocalyptic gusher of oily poison pouring into the waters that give us life can only be viewed -- FELT -- by each and every one of us as an on-going death by a thousand cuts with no end in sight. 
Yet our government -- allegedly the embodiment of our collective will to survive -- has done NOTHING of significance to fight this mass murder.


Oil Spill Disaster

Revolution Reporters Condemn and Protest Illegitimate Deepwater Horizon Project Investigation Hearing

This System is NOT Fit to Be the Planet's Caretakers...Minerals Management Service Is Not Fit to Investigate Catastrophe It Helped Create!
Press release
On May 11, the Coast Guard and Interior Department’s Mineral Management Service convened the first public hearings in New Orleans on the causes of the Deepwater Horizon Project explosion that has flooded the Gulf of Mexico with oil, threatening an unparalleled environmental catastrophe. MMS has repeatedly allowed BP to bypass safety standards and avoid environmental reviews, contributing to a criminal destruction of species and ecosystems in the Gulf.


Father and Daughter Protest Oil Spill on Dauphin Island

By Jeff Dute

Tony Pope said when news reports of the potential impacts from oil leaking from the Deepwater Horizon well made his 14-year-old daughter Shelby Pope cry, he decided the best way to tell people how they felt was through public protest. 


Protests Disrupt Start of Gulf Disaster Hearings

This report is excerpted from the blog NOLA.com. More reports to follow.

A pair of protesters interrupted the opening of the hearings being held in Kenner today by the U.S. Coast Guard and federal Minerals Management Service, the two agencies investigating what went wrong when the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico on April 20.
"Materials Management should not be entrusted with the investigation of an enormous tragedy it helped to create," shouted a man holding a sign that read "This System is NOT fit to be the Caretaker of the Planet."


Obama’s Oil Slick

by Margaret Kimberley
President Obama cannot avoid political responsibility for the latest disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, or the future catastrophes that will inevitable flow from his acquiescence to Big Oil.
Liberals who ordinarily sneer at Sarah Palin and others who cry ‘Drill baby, drill,’ zipped their lips when Obama supported the same dangerous policy.
And, don’t believe it when Obama vows that BP will pay the full cost of cleanup. Anyone who sends an invoice to British Petroleum will need divine intervention if they ever expect to collect.
Fossil fuels are quite literally killing this planet.


The Victims of Louisiana’s Worsening Oil Spill

By Jon Bowermaster

We are in the process of finishing a big, beautiful, provocative film about Southern Louisiana, focused on the relationship between man and the sea … so obviously when the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded, inflamed, sank and now continues to pump oil into the Gulf of Mexico we are watching with a vested interest.

(In our film – current Governor Bobby Jindal is on camera telling an interviewer that one of the “beauties” of Louisiana is that are no oil spills…)


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