Listen to Bradley Manning Speak

Freedom of the Press Foundation  |  March 11, 2013

Bradley Manning
Freedom of the Press Foundation Publishes Leaked Audio of Bradley Manning’s Statement:

“Today, Freedom of the Press Foundation is publishing the full, previously unreleased audio recording of Private First Class Bradley Manning’s speech to the military court in Ft. Meade about his motivations for leaking over 700,000 government documents to WikiLeaks. In addition, we have published highlights from Manning’s statement to the court.

“While unofficial transcripts of this statement are available, this marks the first time the American public has heard the actual voice of Manning.”

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A short film by Laura Poitras:

Also see:
Help Spread Bradley Manning's Words Across the Internet, which includes smaller excerpts from Manning's statement on key points, and includes transcripts.

Finally: hear Bradley Manning in his own voice by Glenn Greenwald in the Guardian UK, March 12, 2013. 

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