A way to help Guantanamo survivors

Debra Sweet | July 1, 2022

It's an outrage that men who were held completely illegitimately in the U.S. torture camp in Guantanamo were sent upon release to countries they did not know, isolated from their families and often left without basic needs or medical care.  They should be paid reparations by the criminal government that held them. Nevertheless, good people will step up to support them, as we always do.

We received the following request:

The Guantanamo Survivors Fund is raising and disseminating funds to former Guantanamo prisoners. It is now nearing the June goal of reaching $15,000.

gitmoRecently initiated by Witness Against Torture, No More Guantanamos, Muslim Counterpublics Lab and others, the objective is to provide Guantanamo survivors with resources for explicit needs such as medical care, education and training, and basic living needs to the extent possible. As we all know, many of the men have been exiled to third countries, still suffering from the physical and mental effects of what they endured in Guantánamo, and experiencing social isolation and economic hardship because governments monitor them as potential terrorists.

For example, one man returned to his native country after being harassed by the police and secret service in the country where the US transferred him. He had been assured it was safe to go home, but instead he was thrown into prison. After being released from prison he continues to suffer government harassment and nobody will hire him, so he is unable to provide food and a home for his family. Based on the first applications, it is even clearer how terribly precarious the lives of many of the men and their families are. What is certain is that the need is tremendous and ongoing.

Please donate to the Fund and do spread the word to your friends and networks!

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And, if you're interested in participating in the various events planned for August 2, 2022, while the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference is taking place at the UN, please sign up on this form in order to get further information.

Into the Streets to Demand: The Federal Government Must Restore Nationwide Legal Abortion Now!

The overturning of abortion rights is illegitimate! It must not stand!

The state has no right to force women to have children against their will. To treat women’s wombs as sites of surveillance. To hunt down, put on trial and imprison women who are accused of inducing their own abortions. Forced Motherhood = Female Enslavement.

To fall silent now is to let acquiesce to a growing pile-up of the shattered lives of women and girls. It is to acquiesce to the growing theocratic assault on contraception, LGBTQ rights, on the history and lives of Black people and much more. Read more here.

Note: Protests are ongoing demanding Legal Abortion Nationwide.

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