Quiz: What is Most Needed in the World Now?

Debra Sweet | March 28, 2016

Quiz: what is most needed in the world now is:

1. Unjust, immoral and illegitimate war of terror by the U.S. carried out against 7 countries in our name, along with torture and mass surveillance.

2. A political culture full of racist bigotry, immigrant-bashing, and now a call from Ted Cruz to "patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods." and a plan from Trump to legalize waterboarding.

3. Opposition, in many and every ways, to U.S. war for empire from people living in this country to the extent it undermines the system's ability to wage war on the world.


Times Square March 19, 2016 - View More

If you choose #3, you not only pass the test, but you have the opportunity — and the reponsibility — to stick to principle and support actions.

Sign up to give what you can each month — from $2 to $200 to sustain World Can't Wait. As our friend Kathy Kelly said at a meeting marking the 13th anniversary of the US war on Iraq said Sunday, "we do not have the luxury of despair."

25 more sustainers are needed by April 1.  Five people have renewed their support, and we have 3 new sustainers.  Looking for 17 more people to help fund the actions & intiatives of World Can't Wait.

In 2016, both of the war parties will convene in July to select candidates for Commander in Chief.

Republicans: July 18-21 Cleveland
Democrats: July 25-28 Philadelphia

Should they be allowed to meet without protest outside and in?

One More Reason for The Change We Need in 2016 Sustainer Drive:

Yesterday a massive U.S. airstrike in Yemen killed "dozens" of people in an unidentified "terrorist training camp." Whether this action was directly in response to the events in Brussels Tuesday is unknown. The Guardian reports that this strike, and the March 8 strike in Somalia which the U.S. claims killed 150, "diverged so sharply from the previous years’ worth of relatively low-casualty strikes that observers speculated US policy might have quietly changed." 



Our friends from We Will Not be Silent NYC Times Square Military Recruiting Station


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