Walk for Choice: March 26

There can be no “common ground” with those making war on women. It's time to get ourselves together and stop them.

Abortion is not murder. Fetuses are not children. Women are not incubators.

A dangerous new wave of attacks against women’s basic right to control their reproduction - from abortion to birth control - began with Republican election victories last fall. Using anti-scientific claims that abortion harms women, they are going to take us back to the 1960s when thousands of women died every year from illegal abortions.  The anti-abortion crowd is slashing funds for pregnancy prevention and health care for low-income women. As much as they talk about unborn fetuses, their "morality" does not extend to providing for children who need public schools, health care, and someday, college educations; nor children born in countries currently being bombed by the United States military. This culture war is not about fetuses - it's about nothing less than the social role of women and our most basic rights.

Many cities will be holding "Walks for Choice" this weekend.
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Main Reproductive Rights Walk for Choice: March 26


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