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The Story of My Arrest at David Petraeus' Speaking Engagement

Deb Vanpoolen | February 3, 2014

David PetraeusThe Essential Facts:
As I sat in that room, I decided my action would be designed to send a fissure through David Petraeus’ edifice of lies with the intent to reach someone with the truth who desperately needed to hear it like I once did.


Talking with Muslim Students about Protesting the US Drone War

World Can't Wait - San Francisco | January 27, 2014

Student workshop against dronesIn January, just after the Close Guantanamo NOW Tour left the Bay Area, World Can’t Wait gave a workshop about the U.S. drone wars at the Muslim Student Association’s “MSA West” annual conference. The 1,000 plus students there come from campuses up and down the West Coast and further west also.  The conference title this year was “The Islamic State of Mind” and the basis of the conference and its sessions went to that from many different disciplines, but all faith-based.


Close Guantanamo Billboard Goes Up Outside Torture Taxi Airport

Tarak Kauff | January 8, 2014

Guantanamo BillboardYesterday a billboard went up in North Carolina. Not your typical commercial billboard. The placement and the content were unique. The billboard with graphic artwork depicting two kneeling black hooded prisoners practically screams “Close Guantanamo!” at passing motorists. The 28 ft long 12 ft. high behemoth is  placed  4 miles east of I-95 on Hwy 70 in Johnston County, NC.  The Johnston Co. Airport is home to Aero Contractors, notorious CIA torture taxis that delivered “suspects” to Guantanamo and other black sites.


Activists at Schumer Drone Policy Protest Accept “Community Service”

Beth Adams | January 14, 2014

Summary: At a Pre-trial Hearing today at the District of Columbia Superior Court, 500 Indiana Avenue, defendants Beth Adams (Massachusetts), JoAnne Lingle (Indiana) and Alice Sutter (New York) accepted a Diversion offer the Office of the Attorney General of the District of Columbia, which included assigning the same sentence to all three defendants: “sixteen hours of Community Service in the defendants’ home jurisdictions” in exchange for Dismissal of the charges of “Blocking, Crowding and/or Incommoding“ on government property. This resulted from their protest and arrest on November 18, 2013 outside of the office (Hart Senate Office Building) of Senator Charles E. (Chuck) Schumer (NY), a vocal supporter of drone program development in both his home state of New York and also in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


Students Silently Protest US Government’s Use of Drones

Alison Fu | November 13, 2013

Drone Protest in BerkeleyDressed in all black with solemn expressions on their faces, students from UC Berkeley and nearby schools stood on the steps of Sproul Hall midday Wednesday to silently protest the government use of drones both domestically and overseas.


Abortion Rights Freedom Ride Report

Stop Patriarchy | October 25, 2013

This summer the dynamic of an uncompromising anti-abortion movement sweeping the nation unchallenged by an uncompromising force standing unapologetically for abortion rights and for women's liberation, ENDED.  Dozens caravanned, hundreds rallied, and thousands contributed to changing the terms of the abortion debate.  This was the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride, and now, we urge you to take a look at the recently released, 50+ page summation, celebration, and serious look to the future, that is The Abortion Rights Freedom Ride Report.


Anti-Drone Protests During the UN Meeting

Nick Mottern | October 1, 2013

UN anti-drones protest, NYC September 2013This is a preliminary report on last week's  six–day (Sept. 23-28)  street witness that was organized at some of the busiest locations in New York City  by the Granny Peace Brigade (GPB) to call for an international ban on weaponized drones and drone surveillance.


World Can't Wait Speeches on Syria

Protesting a US war on Syria in San Francisco September 7, 2013San Francisco September 7, 2013
Stephanie Tang:

What we need is for people to Stop Thinking Like Americans and Start Thinking About Humanity!

Why is this important? Because this crisis could go off in many different directions. The U.S. could choose to head on and attack – as Obama planned, and as then John Kerry told us could be the president’s choice with or without Congress. Or there could be new obstacles to this plan, which make Obama seek other political and military resolutions.


1000+ March for Bradley Manning in SF Pride

San Francisco Pride 2013San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of World Can't Wait | July 6, 2013

In San Francisco's biggest-ever Pride parade, this year the Bradley Manning contingent was the largest of all the non-corporate contingents.  Organized by the Bradley Manning Support Network, over 1000 people marched, sang, blew whistles and chanted, lofting a forest of huge Bradley Manning banners and rainbow-draped signs. 


June 26, 2013: Day 140 International Day in Support of Victims of Torture in Summary

Protesting Guantanamo June 23, 2013The following report on the international day of action June 23, 2013 was compiled by Witness Against Torture.

Saratoga Springs, New York — Veterans for Peace member Joe Kulin, who served in the military from 1962 to 1964, led “prisoners” throughout downtown Saratoga Springs Wednesday as part of a protest calling for the closing of the Guantanamo Bay prison camp.


Report on the Emergency Forum at Cooper Union

NO Government Spying on Whole Populations
Hands off Snowden & Manning
Close Guantanamo NOW

An Emergency Forum produced by World Can't Wait on June 19, 2013


Main Reports on Protest & Resistance


World Can't Wait mobilizes people living in the United States to stand up and stop war on the world, repression and torture carried out by the US government. We take action, regardless of which political party holds power, to expose the crimes of our government, from war crimes to systematic mass incarceration, and to put humanity and the planet first.