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Confronting John Yoo in San Francisco

By the San Francisco chapter of World Can’t Wait

“ not a polite debate.
Torture is a crime against humanity.
Torture isn't just a war crime.
Torture is an abomination and a crystallization of everything John Yoo stands for…
It is your responsibility here to not sit politely while John Yoo speaks.” – protester, January 27, Commonwealth Club San Francisco

Wednesday night, January 27, “Torture Memos” author John Yoo was confronted by about two dozen protesters at the San Francisco stop of his national book tour for “Crisis and Command”.


Howard Zinn Will Be Missed

By Sunsara Taylor  

Howard Zinn led a life of principle and resistance. His death today by heart attack is a tremendous loss to the people around the world. Few people so consistently used their platform and respect to shine a light on the crimes being committed in our names, to turn people on to the truths this system tries to hide, and to foster a climate and spirit of resistance and truth-telling. He stood against the U.S.'s unjust wars for empire. 
He excavated the buried genocidal history of this country. He challenged generation after generation to read and think outside the margins of acceptable academic discourse. I saw him speak not long ago at University of Chicago and got to watch the reaction of freshmen who'd never heard the kind of history -- radical and truthful history -- that Zinn brought to life... or the humor and friendly challenge to everyone in the audience to make their lives about something more meaningful than just getting a degree, a career, or a way for oneself. Zinn lived a life for the people and for a better future and challenged everyone he met to do the same.
Here is a link to an interview that Raymond Lotta did for the Revolutionary Worker (now Revolution Newspaper) with Howard back in 1998:


Doctors Without Borders Plane Not Allowed to Land in Haiti

 Press release from Doctors Without Borders 

(editors note – the U.S. military took over control of the airport at Port-au-Prince within hours of Haiti’s devastating earthquake. BBC news reports today that at least 2,000 more U.S. marines have landed in Haiti to provide “security”.
Yet a plane filled with desperately needed medical supplies was turned away Sunday and forced to land in the Dominican Republic – it could take days for the medical supplies on this plane to reach Haiti, at a time when every minute counts in saving lives. The following statements on this situation are from Doctors Without Borders.)


Saying NO to Obama's War Moves in Afghanistan

About 300 people came to protest the escalation Obama announced, more than we ever had protesting at West Point during the Bush era. Over and over, people talked about having voted for Obama, but now being disillusioned, and really "heart broken" as Matthis Chiroux, the Iraq war resister put it. The protest, by the way, was quite intense, as the group marched silently to the main gate of West Point. Once there, we chanted STOP THIS WAR NOW!
Reports on protests at here.
Articles on Obamas Speech by Ken Theisen; Dennis Loo; Larry Jones


G20 in Pittsburgh: Police State Ghost Town

By  Rob Kall

This is a slightly edited version of an article originally posted on OpEd news.
Pittsburgh is a ghost-town, emptied of workers and the usual pedestrians, but filled to overflowing with over 12,000 swat cops from all over the US.

Anti-war activist Bill Perry, a Viet Nam war veteran, has posted an incredible collection of images to flickr.


Prominent Polish Pianist Condemns Guantanamo, a War Based on Lies, at L.A.’s Disney Hall

 By Jessica Garrison and Diane Haithman

Polish pianist Krystian Zimerman, who is widely admired for his virtuosic performances and who famously tours with his own custom-altered Steinway, created a furor at Disney Hall on Sunday night when he stopped his recital to announce that this would be his last American appearance -- in protest of the nation's military policies overseas.

In a low voice that could not be heard throughout the auditorium, Zimerman, universally considered among the world's finest pianists, made reference to Guantanamo Bay and U.S. military policies toward Poland.

"Get your hands off my country," he said.

Then he turned to the piano and played Szymanowski's "Variations on a Polish Folk Theme" with such passion and intensity that the stunned audience gave him multiple ovations.

Earlier, about 30 or 40 people in the audience had walked out after Zimerman's declaration, some shouting obscenities.

"Yes," the pianist, known in Poland as "King Krystian the Glorious," answered, "some people, when they hear the word military, start marching."



Indian Springs, NV – Earlier this week, fourteen peace activists  were arrested at Creech Air Force Base in Indian Springs, Nevada. The arrests occurred during a ten-day vigil whose goal is to raise public awareness of the increasing use of unmanned drones in the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Air Force personnel based at Creech pilot the Predator and Reaper drones being used in Central Asia.

The 14 people walked through the open main gate shortly after 3:00 p.m. Air Force security personnel stopped them after they walked into the base. They were seeking to engage in dialogue with the Air Force service members controlling the Predators and Reapers used in Central Asia. In a gesture of good will, they offered to break bread and share pizza with Air Force personnel.


Weekly News and Outrages Roundup

By Kenneth J. Theisen

Diplomacy as a Weapon: Hillary Clinton at the Hague
On Tuesday, March 31st, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a speech at an international conference on Afghanistan at The Hague in the Netherlands. Representatives of more than 70 countries are attending the conference which is underway as of the writing of this article. Already the U.S. is actively putting forth its agenda for “victory” in that war-torn country. 
The U.S., under the new commander-in-chief Obama, will significantly escalate the war and killing by deploying at least 30,000 additional U.S. troops to the war zone there in 2009. The Obama administration is also actively stepping up diplomacy to encourage its allies and others to contribute to the U.S. war effort, with additional troops and economic aid. Clinton’s attendance at the conference is part of this diplomatic offensive. Obama will also attend a NATO conference this week to further pressure NATO allies into supporting the U.S. war as well.


Weekly News and Outrages Roundup

 By Kenneth J. Theisen

 Israel charged with violating international law by Physicians for Human Rights
On Monday, March 23rd Israel’s army was charged in a report by Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) of violating codes of ethics and international law during its war against Gaza. According to the report, “Israel placed numerous obstacles in the course of the operation that impeded emergency medical evacuation of the sick and wounded and also caused families to be trapped for days without food, water and medications. The actions … violate directives of international law which forbid attacks on medical centres and medical teams during fighting” and “blatantly violated codes of ethics.”


Trial Statement of Luis Barrios

Rev. Luis Barrios recently began a two month sentence for "trespassing" at the School of the Americas. Like the infamous torture facility in Guantanamo, the School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia is associated with torture and crimes against humanity. While the Guantánamo crimes take place “on site” at Guantánamo, for over 25 years the School of the Americas has been a “training” facility, where military personnel from all over Latin America have been given instruction that they then put to use once they return to their respective countries.
On January 26, a federal judge in Georgia declared the 6 people - the SOA 6 - “guilty” of trespassing for carrying protest against the School of the Americas (SOA) onto the Fort Benning military base. The six were among the thousands who gathered on November 22 and 23, 2008 outside the gates of Fort Benning, Georgia to demand the closure of the School of the Americas. The six carried out a non-violent civil disobedience action, stepping onto the grounds of Fort Benning, at the front of the march. The judge sentenced Fr. Luis Barrios; Kristin Holm; Sr. Diane Pinchot, OSU; Al Simmons and Theresa Cusimano to two months each in jail for carrying the protest against the School of the Americas onto the Fort Benning military base. A sixth defendant, Louis Wolf, was sentenced to six months of house arrest.


This Ain’t Change: Barack Obama and U.S. Torture/Detention Policies

by World Can't Wait web team
Has Obama put an end to torture, rendition, and indefinite detention? Nothing could be further from the truth. Facts you need to know:
1) Obama admits Bush officials tortured, but refuses to prosecute them.
Cheney has bragged about authorizing waterboarding — suffocating by water — of detainees. On January 11, 2009, Obama told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, “From my view, waterboarding is torture.” Under the UN Convention Against Torture, torture is a crime and each state that signed the treaty—including the U.S.—is required to investigate and prosecute torturers.
The Obama administration is therefore required, not only morally, but legally, to prosecute Bush Regime officials for torture.
Imagine a serial murderer kills in broad daylight. If, instead of arresting the killer, the local police department issued a statement saying, “From this day forward, we will not allow murder. But we are not going to prosecute the murderer.” This is what Obama has done by refusing to prosecute the Bush Regime. If the Bush regime can get away with openly violating the law then there is no “rule of law.” Any president can henceforth break the law without any consequences.


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