Iraq: War Against the People, The Hidden Story of the Gulf War

Larry Everest | June 18, 2014

This powerful video, IRAQ: WAR AGAINST THE PEOPLE, documents the effects of the US military assault and exposes the real U.S. agenda in the Gulf War. Traveling through Iraq in Summer of 1991, Larry Everest interviewed Iraqi people about the war, the bombings and their life afterwards. Now this video brings us those voices, along with the sights from Iraqi hospitals, refugee camps and bombed cities. It is especially relevant today, as the U.S. prepares for a new - and more devastating - war on Iraq.

"The rough-cut, 30-minute video is hard to watch. It dwells on images of children killed in our bombings...It goes inside Iraq'a prostrate hospitals where doomed, birdlike infants keen while doctors gesture helplessly before the cameras. Such images have been in scant evidence on mainstream television, which once cheer-led our generals."
- James Ricci, Detroit Free Press

"The video Iraq: War Against the People The Hidden Story of the Gulf War is an excellent documentary. It is fair and accurate, it is up-to-date and it is the kind of thing that every citizen of this country should see. I have used it very successfully in my International Relations courses here at SFSU. The students profited immensely. They learned a great deal and they were stimulated to debate the issues covered in the film."
- Dwight Simpson, International Relations at San Francisco State University

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