It's Up To Us

Another Black Youth, World Can’t Wait high school intern | October 20, 2015

Joanne Mickens, Corey Mickens’ mother, tells the heartfelt story of her son being shot 12 times and killed by the police. As a mother she comes to you and explains how she’ll never hear her son’s voice, see his face, watch him as he turns into a father because the police took those opportunities from both her and her family.

This poor excuse of a police officer, John Anzelino, was supposed to have learned his lesson because his department placed him specifically in a monitoring program due to “incidents” prior to Corey Mickens’ death. 13 incidents to be exact.  Yet he didn’t take that opportunity to regain the trust of his department.  Instead he took somebody's life away and not just anybody’s life away. He took Joanne Mickens’ son’s life away.

When you hear Joanne Mickens’ words you can only empathize with her because with your help we're going to make sure murders like this don’t happen again. And officers like John Anzelino and others get locked away a for long time and get to visit all their friends in there. This proves that the police department can’t even control their trigger happy men. Meaning it’s up to us to ensure that our communities aren’t ravaged and black people’s lives aren’t taken.

We have less than a week till #RiseUpOctober National March to STOP Police Terror Oct 24 in NYC. It has been a year since Ferguson, and the police are STILL getting away with murder! Three people a day. And all the racist propaganda to justify it — the "courageous" police "feared for their lives" because of the "threatening" nature of our black/brown skin.  Enough is enough! Which side are you on? Let's get organized to make Oct 24 the most powerful protest against police terror this country has ever seen. Let's flood the streets of NYC, before the eyes of the world and put the murdering police and this whole damn system on the defensive.

Bring 10 Families of Those Murdered By Police to NYC For #RiseUpOctober

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