Obama and Building "Trust" with the Police

Dennis Loo | December 3, 2014

Obama says that we must build more trust between the community and the police.

In furtherance of that end I declare the following:

I trust that the police will do their best to harass and kill black (and brown) people whenever they see an opportunity.

I trust that the so-called justice system will stand behind and defend no matter what each and every stone cold racist cop who murders black and brown people, while hypocritically saying that they are sorry for the loss of (yet another) black (or brown) victim of police homicide.

I trust that even when the evidence is overwhelming that police have yet again killed without justification, that the so-called justice system will ignore this overwhelming evidence and let the killer cops off yet again.

I trust that the first US black president will cry crocodile tears over the deaths of black people while declaring that we must respect the police and the so-called justice system.

I trust that this first US black president will continue to claim that violence solves nothing, while using the full arsenal of weapons including drones, bombs, and the rest of the military’s weapons of mass destruction to kill and maim people all over the world.

I trust that police, the FBI, the National Guard and other agencies of state violence will continue to fire tear gas, drive motorcycles and armored vehicles at people in the street, point sniper weapons at, beat and arrest anyone who dares to stand up against state violence and state lies.

I trust that the number of people who are aware of these injustices will continue to grow and that protest and resistance against these outrages will spread and become increasingly determined.

I trust that these outrages by this murderous system will continue until this system is put into the dustbin of history by the actions of the people.

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