Obama’s Assault on Rights…Resisting with High Standards…and the Betrayals That Can Not Be Tolerated

Raymond Lotta wrote:

I am inviting you to view and take part in a webcast next Sunday, February 10, at 4:00 pm (EST). I will be speaking on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and the Obama administration’s ratcheting up of repression and the need to keep to high standards and principles in waging this struggle.

The NDAA is a law spearheaded by the Obama administration. It gives the government the authority to indefinitely detain, without charge or trial, a broad and vague category of people that have nothing to do with 911 or terrorism in general. The NDAA is a very dangerous development that must be aggressively fought.

But the NDAA and other such measures cannot be taken on in a way that aids the government’s efforts to single out, isolate, and target particular political forces. This, however, is precisely what journalist Chris Hedges and his legal team have done. They have decided to make a totally false and dangerous mischaracterization of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA and its Chairman, Bob Avakian a pivot point in their lawsuit against the NDAA. It amounts to throwing some to the wolves in order to save one’s own skin. It is betrayal that cannot be tolerated.

Information on how to view the webcast and submit questions will be posted at revolutionbooksnyc.org before the event.

In solidarity,

Raymond Lotta, an initiator of the Call to Stand Together to Resist the Obama Administration’s Assault on Fundamental Rights (published in the November 5 issue The Nation) and advocate for Bob Avakian’s new synthesis of communism.

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