Stop Israeli Crimes Financed by the US - Not in Our Name

Barbara Lyons, World Can't Wait Chicago Chapter | July 3, 2016


blyonsI am here today representing World Can’t Wait.  Our nation-wide organization was formed to mobilize to stop the “war OF terror” launched by the Bush regime, and we have been fighting ever since against the ever-expanding US wars and the torture and repression they bring down on people around the world.  We believe in putting Humanity and the Planet First and that ALL human life is valuable, not just American lives. And we will be bringing this message to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in just a few weeks!


We are here today to focus on Palestine and the Israeli occupation.  Yes, it is the Israeli military and government who are seeking to ethnically cleanse Gaza and the West Bank BUT DO NOT FORGET WHO IS MAKING THIS POSSIBLE.  


The US provides 10.3 MILLION dollars EVERY DAY in military aid to Israel.  According to reliable records the US provides more aid to Israel than to any other country on the planet.  Hillary Clinton has pledged to continue and even further our ties with Israel.  


Not only has the US bankrolled Israel but it has acted as its shield against any United Nations sanctions, using its veto to stop all actions that would curb Israelis plans for an apartheid state. The US media takes its narrative about the Israel/Palestine conflict directly from the Pentagon and Israeli sources.  No wonder the average American believes that  Palestinians with their rocks and knives “started the conflict” and not Israeli genocide. 


Why does the US back Israel to the hilt? Because Israel is a “reliable partner” for the US as it fights to maintain and enforce its empire throughout the Middle East and beyond. This is not “charity” the US gives to Israel. 


But the tide is turning. Jewish and other groups are emerging here and around the world that are actively saying NOT IN OUR NAME.  Israel is spending millions to oppose BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement. This means it is working. It IS possible to change public opinion through our resistance.


Zionism is a nationalistic ideology and it does not speak for Jewish religious values, just as ISIS and similar groups do not speak for the billion Muslims around the planet. 


And it’s just as nationalistic when we value American lives above other people’s. No, we must resist and mobilize to stop Israeli crimes financed by the US and the whole US war OF terror. Palestine - and the world - can’t wait!