New York City: Be at Grand Central Monday - Gaza"Freeze" Protest

Grand Central Memorial for Gaza Victims of Israeli Missiles

Monday November 26 

Meet up at 5 pm at the NW corner of Lexington and 42nd St.  Enter Grand Central at 5:30 pm

Wear black.  Head scarves encouraged. Details at the Meet-Up.


A "Freeze" is like a "stop action" photo where people are walking or acting in certain ways and suddenly stop--frozen in time--and then move on to freeze again in a few minutes.. The purpose is to call attention to a message that is crucial--but where ordinary demos with shouting and chanting seem ineffective in getting the message heard or are inadequate to its deeper meaning.


The truce between Israel and Gaza is to the good, and we are happy for a cessation of killings.  At the same time, the occupation of Gaza continues to create hunger, impoverishment and misery day by day.


The freeze will highlight a "surgical" Israeli missile attack last Sunday that killed 11 civilians, including 4 children, members of the Dalu family whose home was flattened by the strike.  This is one of many stories of innocents killed by the rain of missles. The children will be represented by shrouds and will be followed by mourners.

The claims of Israeli air strikes to be aimed at "militants" are belied by several strikes, including of the media center and the soccer stadium.  Why bomb a sports stadium? It’s simple! Gazans love sports which offer one of the few outlets for expressing normalcy, joy and a common humanity. The stadium was destroyed by bombs in 2006 and reconstruction was just completed this year. Aggression takes many forms—the occupation and all that allows any pleasures life offers for the occupied.

If you like  bring soccer balls to symbolize he destruction of the stadium and of  normalcy for Gazans--with appropriate signs.

New York City Chapter, The World Can't Wait!

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