Organizing Materials

Scroll down for fliers, posters, graphics and stickers to reproduce and distribute in your area. To purchase t-shirts, buttons, DVDs, books, and more, visit the World Can't Wait Store. See some of what is available there:


Stickers and Buttons



books and dvds

Books, DVDs and More


More World Can't Wait
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Stickers: Hands off Wikileaks - the Truth Bytes

Designed to be printed on Avery 5163 mailing labels (10 to a page). Click to download PDF:



 Wikileaks sticker orange


Wikileaks Sticker White


Hands off Wikileaks Flier

Two sided flier:

Special Bookmark for Bush the War Criminal's Book

Use these bookmarks (print 3 to a page, double sided) to insert some truth into the pages of Bush's new memoir, Decision Points, in bookstores or whereever you find it!

George Bush War Criminal George Bush War Criminal


The Gulf Can't Wait - Poster

Based on Heather Ault's design, the Kill Baby Kill, Spill Baby Spill poster is best used for a 20x30 foam board or old poster. Need to enlarge file by 200% - will print out on 24 x 36" which can be folder over to fit a 20x30 foam board or old poster (Thank you LA Chapter!)

Kill Spill

Spill Baby Spill - Graphic for Stickers

Thank you to Heather Ault ( for these images. Download PDF. Print them on stickers and more!



Gulf Emergency Summit Fliers

Emergency Summit in New Orleans June 19th




Crimes Are Crimes – No Matter Who Does Them

October 2010:  Updated Ad and Fliers

8.5 x 11 Flier

Color Copy of Ad Appearing in The New York Review of Books

Black & White 11x17 Poster

Crimes Are Crimes


Crimes Are Crimes


We Are Not Your Soldiers Flier

Want to stop the wars?

Sick of recruiters?


Download and print out this flier!

March 20: Stop the Wars and Torture for Empire!

Under President Obama, the US now has more troops deployed than it ever did under Bush! NOW is the time to raise the resistance and mobilize in the streets to demand an end to these unjust, immoral wars and occupations.

On the day marking the 7th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, join World Can't Wait in Washington, D.C. on March 19/20 with Peace of the Action and the ANSWER Coalition. More details

Download this flier to use to promote March 20!

(with space for local info)


Main Take Action


World Can't Wait mobilizes people living in the United States to stand up and stop war on the world, repression and torture carried out by the US government. We take action, regardless of which political party holds power, to expose the crimes of our government, from war crimes to systematic mass incarceration, and to put humanity and the planet first.