Spring May Come Early in 2012

by Debra Sweet 

World Can't Wait is supporting the Call for Mass Action Against the Suppression of the Occupy Movement. It's not only the barricades and batons, constant surveillance, mass arrests, and escalating charges against occupiers. It's the fact that these occupations have been pushed and beaten from public squares, and squeezed into the margins.

Don't wait for "something" to happen in the spring. Join the F28 actions now:

Make Tuesday F28 a Day of Mass Action Everywhere; Stand with Occupy. STOP the Suppression of the Occupy Movement!

Tuesday, February 28 • Union Square – NEW YORK CITY
4 pm—Gather  5 pm—Rally 6 pm—March

No Rubber Bullets, No Beatings, No Tear Gas, No Mass Arrests,
Don’t Suppress OWS!  Drop the Charges Against Occupiers!

Now, more than ever, in the wake of Oakland:

"...if this illegitimate wave of repression is allowed to stand... if the powers-that-be succeed in suppressing or marginalizing this new movement... if people are once again “penned in”—both literally and symbolically—things will be much worse. THIS SUPPRESSION MUST BE MASSIVELY OPPOSED, AND DEFEATED."
-from “
A Call for Mass Action Against the Suppression of the Occupy Movement

George Packard, a retired Episcopal bishop who was detained by the NYPD while bringing water to the occupiers at Zuccotti Park, and later arrested in an Occupy Wall Street action, said the action February 28 "is the absolute preface to any other actions. It's a question of process even before we take to the streets--how is it that there is this coordinated effort to stifle our free speech?! Mayors on conference calls simultaneously rousting encampments? Renegade cops taking aggressive initiatives because it makes superiors smile? Tear gas and rubber bullets fired into the ranks of Occupy Oakland? Enough!"

Mobilize your workplace; your school, church, synagogue or mosque; your union, friends and neighborhood for a day of mass action on Tuesday, February 28.

Contact the Ad Hoc Committee Against the Suppression of the Occupy Movement at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Go to:
dontsuppressows.org and join the 700+ who have signed “A Call for Mass Action Against the Suppression of the Occupy Movement”

No War on Iran!

Sunday March 4 in Washington: Occupy AIPAC will rally against an attack on Iran.  Facebook event. If you want to be involved in more actions to stop the war see nowarIran.org or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

From "America's Finest News Source," the ONION:

Iran Worried U.S. Might Be Building 8,500th Nuclear Weapon

FEBRUARY 9, 2012 | ISSUE 48•06 TEHRAN—Amidst mounting geopolitical tensions, Iranian officials said Wednesday they were increasingly concerned about the United States of America's uranium-enrichment program, fearing the Western nation may soon be capable of producing its 8,500th nuclear weapon. "Our intelligence estimates indicate that, if it is allowed to progress with its aggressive nuclear program, the United States may soon possess its 8,500th atomic weapon capable of reaching Iran," said Iranian foreign minister Ali Akbar Salehi, adding that Americans have the fuel, the facilities, and "everything they need" to manufacture even more weapons-grade fissile material.

"Obviously, the prospect of this happening is very distressing to Iran and all countries like Iran. After all, the United States is a volatile nation that's proven it needs little provocation to attack anyone anywhere in the world whom it perceives to be a threat." Iranian intelligence experts also warned of the very real, and very frightening, possibility of the U.S. providing weapons and resources to a rogue third-party state such as Israel.

Called for by prisoners, sponsored by Occupy Oakland, endorsed by Michelle Alexander (author of The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness), Occupy SF, and many more, this is a day of protest against unjust mass incarceration and inhumane conditions, including torture, in US prisons. Actions include a protest at San Quentin prison, among other locations. Find out more at occupy4prisoners.org.

Also see:
Prisoners at Corcoran Continue Hunger Strike, Concerns Rise Over Health Conditions

From WarCriminalsWatch.org

Glenn Greenwald & Noam Chomsky on Liberty & Justice for Some
Former constitutional rights lawyer, Glenn Greenwald contends that the United States has a two-tiered judicial system, one for the "haves"and one for the "have-nots." Mr. Greenwald presents his argument by tracing the evolution of judicial inequality, from President Richard Nixon's pardon for the Watergate scandal to what the authors deems were economic and political crimes committed during the George W. Bush administration. The author posits that both political parties and the media are culpable for creating an unequal judicial system. Glenn Greenwald presents his thoughts in conversation with political theorist, Noam Chomsky at the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Watch the video, taped by CSPAN.

Debra Sweet, Director, The World Can't Wait


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