George Homanich 1948-2016

Debra Sweet | August 16, 2016

We mourn the death of George Homanich last week in Binghamton, New York.  George and his wife Judy have protested many times at Hancock AFB, the Syracuse NY drone base.  They frequently made the trip to NYC to join protests to stop US wars, against killing by police, "stop & frisk," and for the rights of Palestians and many others.  He was arrested numerous times, and did some jail time, for protesting drones, Guantanamo, and the imprisonment of Chelsea Manning.

Judy and their daughter Sarah shared with us that George was a social worker for many years, a runner and buddy of their dog Grumpy.  He especially enjoyed being, by his own description, a "smart ass." He died of last week, after struggling mightily against pancreatic cancer.

People are the most important factor in changing the world, and we will greatly miss this one...
George Homanich, presente!


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