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Debra Sweet on George W. Bush's Confession

Debra Sweet, Director of World Can't Wait, speaking on WBAI-NYC on November 8th about George Bush's new book, torture, and silent complicity.

Download MP3 (5 min interview starts at 24:43)

Unjust Wars and Occupations, and WikiLeaks - Speaking Out on Talk Radio

Stephanie Tang from World Can't Wait joined anti-war veterans Josh Stieber and Ethan McCord on the Lettieri & Poole show, KGO Newstalk Radio (San Francisco) Saturday August 21, for a talk about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and WikiLeaks.

Josh and Ethan were in Iraq with Bravo Company 2-16, the unit whose Apache helicopter attack on civilians is now known to the world thanks to the Wikileaks "Collateral Murder" video. Ethan is seen in that video, carrying a wounded Iraqi child to find a medic. After returning from Iraq, Josh and Ethan wrote An Open Letter of Reconciliation and Responsibility to the Iraqi People: From Current and Former Members of the US Military.

Listen/Download (36 minutes)

Stephanie Tang on KPFA: the Significance of the Wikileaks Revelations and Our Responsibility to Get the Truth Out

Originally broadcast Monday August, 16. At 6:30" in, Stephanie Tang of the SF Bay Area Chapter of World Can't Wait is interviewed about showing Collateral Murder outside in public: 


Debra Sweet on the Army Experience Center Protests and Arrests

Debra Sweet, Director of The World Can't Wait, appeared on the Rob Kall Podcast 5/26/10.

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We talk about the planning , actions, arrest, incarceration and trial and then about her experience as an activist for more than 40 years, since she was a teen, including the time she told Nixon, face to face, that he was a murderer of millions and how he and the world's press responded.

Here's a pic of the six protesters with their attorney Paul Hetznecker. Photo: Rob Kall

Army Experience Center Protesters



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