Debra Sweet on the Army Experience Center Protests and Arrests

Debra Sweet, Director of The World Can't Wait, appeared on the Rob Kall Podcast 5/26/10.

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We talk about the planning , actions, arrest, incarceration and trial and then about her experience as an activist for more than 40 years, since she was a teen, including the time she told Nixon, face to face, that he was a murderer of millions and how he and the world's press responded.

Here's a pic of the six protesters with their attorney Paul Hetznecker. Photo: Rob Kall

Army Experience Center Protesters

Matthis Chiroux on The Michael Slate Show (KPFK-LA)

Matthis Chiroux, Iraq War resister, speaks about the We Are Not Your Soldiers tour on The Michael Slate Show (airdate 5/7/10 on KPFK-LA).

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The Murderous War Crimes of an Occupying Army

The following video, which displays chilling scenes of murder of civilians by U.S. troops in Iraq, was compiled by Philippe Orlando from several sources




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