The Murderous War Crimes of an Occupying Army

The following video, which displays chilling scenes of murder of civilians by U.S. troops in Iraq, was compiled by Philippe Orlando from several sources


As Philippe wrote in an email, “Also, do you understand what you look at in the video of the Apache helicopter killing the three Iraqis in the field? Do you realize that this is actually day time?The big vehicle on the left of the screen is actually a tractor plowing a field.  You can see the engine is on because it appears very white on the infrared imagery device.


"Do you realize that these people do NOT have weapons actually? They might be getting rid of a weapon, but there is no way anybody could deduce they were going to actually use that weapon. Actually anything can be imagined. …They can clearly see that those guys are actually not ready to use a weapon but destroying one. All they do is cling to military rule which says if there's a weapon they can fire. Disgusting. These guys should be found and prosecuted. The killing of the wounded person, the third to be shot, is of course totally contrary to the Geneva Convention.”

 What is clear is that the atrocities the world has seen with the video aired on Wikileaks are not an aberration, but part and parcel of the war of terror the U.S. has been waging in Iraq, and Afghanistan.


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