Mass Incarceration

Prison Abuse? Administrators Call It 'Close Management'


Curt Wechsler | August 29, 2018

The Florida legal term is akin to solitary confinement, employed as retaliation against prisoners participating in the latest prison strike against a system of mass incarceration that effectively perpetuates the racial caste system of twentieth century Jim Crow law.

Inmate resistance to the "modern slavery" of a prison labor system that forces them to work for as little as four cents per hour is growing. The nation-wide prison strike that launched August 21 (on the anniversary of the 1971 murder of George Jackson), confirmed in at least five Florida prisons, inspires complementary actions in prisons from North Carolina to California, reports Tarpley Hitt for The Daily Beast -- and statements of solidarity from 21 American cities and several foreign countries:


The Stolen

Another Black Youth, World Can’t Wait high school intern | October 14, 2015

The only reason for you to think that someone wants to steal from you is because you’ve stolen from someone else.

Oh look at that brown boy with his hands in his pocket, look he just picked up a soda, look where he heading off to next, he looks like he’s about to walk out the store, let me call the police.


Prelude to #RiseUpOctober

Chicago Chapter, World Can't Wait | October 3, 2015

With Rise Up October barely a month away, a member of World Can’t Wait wanted to host an evening to raise awareness and funds so family members who have lost loved ones to police bullets can go to New York. The situation at home wasn’t one that allowed for a social gathering so a small community room was reserved at a local library. It turned out to be a great alternative and the evening was a success in many ways. About 15 people came to hear a woman whose son was murdered by police who has become active in building for Rise Up October, fighting for justice for her son and all victims, and about $550 was raised.


An Interview with Debra Sweet: Let’s Make History!

Revolution Newspaper | September 29, 2015

Debra Sweet, Director of World Can't Wait, has joined the Rise Up October Steering Committee. Revolution newspaper conducted the following interview with Debra, who is working out of the national office of #RiseUpOctober and has her finger on the pulse of the emerging movement for massive protest on October 24 in New York City and for actions on October 22 and 23. She is on the #RiseUpOctober Steering Committee along with Nkosi Anderson, Nellie Hester Bailey, Marsha Coleman-Adebayo, Carl Dix, Alice Howell, James Lane, Rev. Jerome McCorry, and Travis Morales.


Which Side Are You On?

humanityandplanet-blacklivesmatterWorld Can't Wait - Chicago Chapter | September 22, 2015

The Chicago chapter of World Can’t Wait teamed up with Stop Mass Incarceration Network last Saturday to take a challenge to Fighting Bob Fest: “Which Side Are You On, Madison?”


Why World Can’t Wait Will Be A Part of Rise Up October to Stop Police Terror

Jill McLaughlin | September 11, 2015

Aiyana-Stanley-JonesI wrote the following back in April of this year and as we draw closer to #RiseUpOctober, I feel it is important to refer back to it:

One may think that police murder of unarmed civilians, particularly people of color, in the U.S. has no connection to the wars perpetrated by the U.S. government across the globe, but there are striking parallels.


Watch: What We Must Do to Stop Police Terror and Murder

Stop Mass Incarceration Network | September 7, 2015


April 14 Say No More to the System Giving A Green Light to Killer Cops

Stop Mass Incarceration | February 22, 2015

Stop Business As Usual! We Will Not Go Back! No School! No Work!

This Call for a day of massive resistance all over the country on April 14 was adopted at the national meeting hosted by the Stop Mass Incarceration Network in Atlanta on February 7 and 8. Everyone needs to get on a mission to work from now to April 14 to make the day of stopping business as usual as powerful as possible to end the system putting its stamp of approval on police murdering people.


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