February 26, 2013 – Take to the Streets, Wear Hoodies and Show Your Outrage!

Trayvon Martin

From the Stop Mass Incarceration Network  |  February 19, 2013


On February 26, we must mark the murder of Trayvon by wearing hoodies, by gathering in appropriate places and demonstrating our defiance and our determination to refuse to accept this mistreatment.  Gather coming out of school, gather in your neighborhoods, take pictures of yourself and your friends and spread them everywhere.

(From the call, “February 26, 2013 – Take to the Streets, Wear Hoodies and Show Your Outrage! - WE ARE ALL STILL TRAYVON!” issued by the Stop Mass Incarceration Network)


1.) SPREAD THE CALL! Print out the complete call, and flyers, and post them everywhere.  Check out the video invitation from Carl Dix. Use the hashtags  #WeAreAllStillTrayvon and #JusticeForTrayvon and get the word out on Twitter, instagram, tumblr, and blogs. If you have a large following on social media, lend your voice to the effort--tweet, post, or make a youtube about the call for national resistance on February 26th!  There are some sample tweets and posts below.

Sample tweets:

•  ON FEB 26, Wherever you are, all across the nation, wear your hoodie, take the streets, show your outrage! #WeAreAllStillTrayvon
•  Being young, latin or black should not be a crime, we’re under attack! Wear your hoodies, take to the streets on 2/26! #justicefortrayvon
•  It took us in the streets to get Zimmerman put on trial. ON 2/26, show that #WeAreAllStillTrayvon! http://www.youtu.be/jggerNJc3Qs
•  From #stopandfrisk to #trayvon, black & latino youth aren’t criminals-the SYSTEM criminalizes black & latino youth! #weareallstilltrayvon

2). INVITE OTHERS TO ATTEND! Make sure you're attending to the event page on Facebook. Share the event on your Facebook wall, and promote it on your friend's and other popular fan pages! Click to attend the event, INVITE your entire list of friends, and urge them to attend--if we all do this, the presence of the event can exponentially grow and go viral on FB.  Forward this email to your contacts, or write a personalized email to friends and colleagues telling why you are stepping out, and why it's important to act on February 26th.

3.) REACH OUT! There's a tremendous base for this to resonate in society.  Just do a simple search for #Trayvon on google, twitter, instagram, or tumblr, and check it out for yourself!  Find celebrities or public figures or blogs with large followings who are tweeting or posting images related to Trayvon and contact them through email, twitter, social media, mutual colleagues, and exhaust all other avenues to reach them and urge them to act on February 26th-who knows who you might know! For example: Jamie Foxx, Lupe Fiasco, Chuck D, Russell Simmons, Toure, Dwayne Wade, etc.

4.) MAKE PLANS for February 26th, and send them to Stop Mass Incarceration Network at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or tweet us @stopmassincnet so we can post them.  There are already gatherings in New York City at Union Square and St. Nicholas Park, and Los Angeles at Leimert Park,  so organize your student organization, union, community group, church/mosque/temple, or class to wear hoodies, take pictures, and take the streets on February 26th.   No matter what you do, be bold and creative--and be sure let us know your plans!   

5.) TAKE PICTURES of yourselves and your friends in hoodies and send them to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or @stopmassincnet; post on them on your blog or profile--Be sure to use the hashtags! #weareallstilltrayvon #justicefortrayvon #hoodiesup

6.) VIEW AND SPREAD THE YOUTUBE for February 26 from Carl Dix. Create a youtube of your own calling on others to step out on February 26th!

7) ...And most importantly, on February 26th, wherever you are -- Take to the Streets, Wear Hoodies and Show Your Outrage! What is needed is mass resistance, to keep this system from working, to foment resistance around the unjust criminalization of black and latino youth.   Wherever you are, Organize a field trip, join with your colleagues after work, gather and take the streets!  --- 

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