The war in Libya growing more illegal by the day

The illegal war in Libya

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History shows us that this type of intervention rarely goes without blowback and unintended consequences, perhaps with a $1.4 trillion deficit and a domestic budget in crisis our best outcome would be to support peaceful alternatives and not add to the violence of a Libyan civil war at all.

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No Good Can Come from U.S. Led Intervention in Libya!

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Statement Condemning US Attack on Libya circulated March 20 at the Left Forum, in New York City:


Obama’s War in Libya

Obama and ClintonBy Margaret Kimberley

The continuity between the Bush and Obama administration’s is now complete. Almost exactly eight years after Bush invaded Iraq, Obama’s Euro-American military alliance swooped down on Libya to enforce a western world order. “Obama definitely took a page out of the Bush administration recipe book,” including “peddling scary stories of poison gas stockpiled at a remote desert location.” All this may serve Obama well in domestic opinion polls, since “American blood lust is always just below the surface.”

Operation Odyssey Dawn sounds like the title of a bad novel or an action movie. It is actually the name given to a plan to kill many people and partition their county for the use of others. Congratulations to Barack Obama. He now has a war to call his own and rhetorical flourish to go along with it.


U.S. & European Allies Attack Libya: Imperialist Aggression Under Cover of "Humanitarian Intervention"

From Revolution newspaper Aircraft carrier

On Saturday, the U.S., along with France, Britain and other powers launched vicious military aggression against Libya. Once again, the U.S. launched an air war against another country in the Third World, or global south. Once again, the U.S. has arrogated to itself the right to use force to punish and control any country that crosses it.

On Saturday, the U.S. hit Libya with a barrage of some 112 cruise and Tomahawk missiles launched from U.S. submarines and destroyers in the Mediterranean, off the Libyan shore. French and British warplanes attacked targets in the east. The attacks continued Sunday and are continuing at this writing.


Western Frenzy Grows in Libya

By Chris Floyd

The American war against Libya grew in intensity on Sunday, raining death in all directions -- including on civilian vehicles and Libyan forces in full retreat. Behind the full-scale barrage launched by the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, the armed opposition led by recent henchmen of Moamar Gadafy pressed forward in a military offensive.

Libyan soldiers were gunned down as they fled -- a reprise of the "turkey shoot" American forces conducted on retreating Iraqis back in the first glorious Gulf War.

(But weren't they supposed to retreat? Wasn't that the purpose of the UN directive? Oh, it's so confusing!)


Onslaught Against Libya Begins

Foreign fighter jets have bombarded civilian targets in Libya as world powers agreed to use military force in the crisis-hit North African country.

Via PressTV:

Libyan state television has released a video footage of "an aerial attack" launched by Western planes against civilian structures in the capital city of Tripoli, Reuters said on Saturday.

The airstrike comes as world leaders in Paris on Saturday ordered a large-scale military intervention into Libya in order to end assaults launched by ruler Muammar Gaddafi's forces on civilians.


Obama Announces U.S. Led Assault Upon Libya

Obama and GadafiBy Kenneth J. Theisen

On Friday, March 18 President Obama all but announced that the U.S. will soon engage in another unjust war in the Middle East. This in addition to the overt wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and several covert wars in Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, and other locations. This new war must be opposed.

Obama’s war announcement occurred one day after the U.N. Security Council voted for war by calling for a no-fly zone over Libya and authorizing "all necessary measures…to protect civilians and civilian populated areas under threat of attack ... including Benghazi, while excluding an occupation force." This vote in essence opens the way for a war led by Western Imperialist powers in Libya. 


Libya: No Good Can Come From U.S. Imperialist Intervention of any Kind

Via Revolution Newspaper:

LIBYA. With the U.S. once again involving itself in militarily attacking yet another country, ask yourself:
    Which country in the world, from its beginnings to the present time, has the bloodiest history of genocide, slavery, invasions, coups, installing and backing brutal regimes, bombings, massacres and mass destruction, including the use of nuclear weapons? And which government imprisons its own people and in particular its minorities at the highest rate in the world?
    No good can come from U.S. imperialist intervention of any kind.

Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

Bloodbath in Yemen: No UN Action for Peace Laureate's Pal

By Chris Floyd 

This just in: spurred on by the United States and Saudi Arabia, the UN Security Council has just authorized immediate military intervention in Yemen to stop the government's wanton slaughter of innocent civilians engaging in peaceful protest.

The vote came just hours after government security forces in Yemen opened fire on unarmed, peaceful protestors in the capital city of Sana. Tens of thousands of ordinary citizens had turned out for the demonstration, which was part of  an ongoing campaign of non-violent dissent against repression, injustice, inequality and deprivation in the nation, ruled by strongman President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared that "we cannot stand by and watch authoritarian governments gun down their own unarmed citizens in the street."  The Security Council authorized a wide range of military actions against Yemen, although an outright military occupation was not authorized. "These creatures who do terrible things to their own people must know they will be held accountable by the world community," said Clinton, after arriving in Bahrain for what she called "friendly talks" with King Hamad Bin Isa al-Khalifa on "securing stability in the region."

Oh wait, that didn't happen.



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