Suggested Tweets on the Anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq

 World Can't Wait | March 19, 2015

This weekend, as we gather to protest the new wave of bombs dropped on Iraq and Syria, and the possibility of sending ground troops — once again — into Iraq, let's help the public remember the crimes that have been carried out by the U.S. over the past few decades.

Still not sure? Review the timeline of war and protest post-9/11.

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Facts - with sources:

There have been 153,930 documented deaths of Iraqi civilians since U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003

More than a million Iraqis have died from the U.S. invasion and occupation, according to surveys.

Human cost: 3.5-5 mil. Iraqis displaced, 2 mil. Iraqi women widowed, 5 mil. Iraqi children orphaned

There are 5 MILLION orphans in Iraq today after years or US bombs + occupation. WE SAY NO MORE WAR!

The suicide rate among recent veterans is 50% higher than for civilians - these wars are wrong & we know it.

US veteran suicides are as high as 8,000 per year, exceeding U.S. death rates on battlefield

Remember the Abu Ghraib torture pictures? Additional 2,100 disturbing images remain concealed by Obama

1 million US veterans were injured in Iraq & Afghanistan - a milestone the govt tried to cover up

US death toll: 4,489 soldiers in Iraq; 2,356 soldiers in Afghanistan; 6,800 contractors in both.

1,558 limb amputations, 288,000 brain injuries & 118,829 PTSD cases. And that's just the US stats.

US war in Iraq price tag (including future interest expenses): $6 trillion

10% of $61BN for Iraq reconstruction CANNOT be accounted for and an additional 15% was lost to waste, fraud and abuse

Remember Abu Ghraib prison: US soldiers abused, raped & murdered Iraqi prisoners (including minors)

Still think the US can bomb Iraq (or Syria, or Yemen, or wherever) and solve ANYONE'S problems? Check your history:

Tweets about the protests and supporting the movement:

We are protesting to END the ENDLESS WARS this weekend in DC and around the country

These war crimes require a renewed commitment to put humanity and planet the first — become a sustainer today:

ISIS is an excuse: remember the false WMD claim? No More War in Iraq!

Both Bush's wars were launched on the basis of lies, & the last 4 presidents have bombed Iraq. ENOUGH!

The current problem is NOT that the U.S. finally withdrew military forces from Iraq in 2012, but its illegitimate invasions in 1991 & 2003.