War on Iraq is Still Not in Our Name

by Debra Sweet  |  February 15, 2013

Not In Our Name anti-war protest

10 years ago today was the largest one-day mass outpouring of opposition to war in history, when as many as 15 million people worldwide came into the streets to oppose the Bush regime's impending attack on the people of Iraq. Two points we must contemplate and take to heart:

  1. In the face of truly massive opposition, the Bush regime, basing its case on lies that much of the world recognized as such, mounted a juggernaut of war on Iraq, and repression across the world.  The opposition to the illegitimate, unjust and immoral war on Iraq was not strong enough to stop the invasion and occupation, with terrible consequences. But it was strong enough to deny the Bush regime its "coalition of the willing," leaving it to fight with a coalition of the U.K. and bribed and bullied allies.
  2. A Day of the World Saying NO to War is not enough. DAYS and weeks of staying in the streets, and mass refusal to accept what the government is doing were, and are, what's needed. 

World Can't Wait will be webcasting a program on or about March 20, the 10th anniversary of "shock and awe" titled, "The U.S. War is Not Over for the Iraqi People." Stay tuned.

Here are some of your comments:

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For a taste of what people were doing at that moment, whether you were with us in the streets 10 years ago or not, watch this video: