Afghanistan: 12 Civilians Killed by US Rockets

 editors note:  

U.S. led forces have begun a military offensive on the Afghan city of Marjah that the New York Times describes as “the largest offensive military operation since the American-led coalition invaded the country in 2001”. Thousands of U.S., British, and Afghan soldiers, backed up by artillery and air power, are pushing into the city of 80,000.
This operation is a major test for the “Obama doctrine” – and a major challenge for anti-war organizations and individuals in the U.S., and for anyone who wants to bring a better world into being. Already 12 civilians have been reported killed, and as CNN reports “a senior military official said Monday the rocket hit its intended target”.  Opposition to this war of terror, this unjust and in fact criminal war initiated and fought to extend and strengthen U.S. domination of a key portion of the globe, must grow in the days and weeks ahead, leading up to, but not only, at the major protests being called for March 20.



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