Obama's Afghan Escalation, and the Challenge to the Resistance

The three articles below address, from varying perspectives and with different focuses, the escalation of the U.S. war upon the people of Afghanistan announced by President Barack Obama in a series of recent speeches. They also, each in its own way, underscore the urgent need for resistance to the wars the U.S. is waging throughout Central Asia to escalate, dramatically, in the momentous days ahead.

Larry Everest's article, "More Troops in Afghanistan and Preserving U.S. Nuclear Dominance ... is this the Path to Ending the Horrors of War" provides a detailed and in depth analysis of Obama's recent round of high profile speeches, outlines a history of the bloody attempts by the U.S. to impose its domination on the world through brutal military force, exposes the real motives and interests behind the U.S. "surge" in Afghanistan, and provides an impassioned argument of where the material and moral interests of the great majority of people in this country, and the world, lie. We are publishing this article in two parts. (Part one here; part two here). Jeremy Scahill's "Stunning Statistics About the War Every American Should Know" exposes the actual magnitude of the U.S. military escalation in Afghanistan. Larry Jones' article "U.S. Aims for Eurasian Energy Control" reveals the continued attempts by the U.S. and its British allies to establish unchallengable control over the lifelines of oil extraction and transportation in Central Asia. 

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