Voices of Conscience Against War on Iran

by Debra Sweet

Aggressive war, against a country that has not attacked the aggressor country, is the supreme war crime.  We said it on February 4 across the nation.  I talked about it outside the US Mission to the UN (see video).

We won't stop saying it.  Here's another chance:

Sunday March 4 in Washington, D.C., when President Obama speaks at the 2012 Convention of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, we'll be there, with a visible anti-war protest, along with Code Pink, Veterans for Peace, and the Occupy movement.

11:00am – 2:00pm: Rally at the Convention Center, All Out for NO WAR ON IRAN  Click here for more details (corner of Massachusetts and 9th)

Others are speaking out:

Margaret Kimberly discusses the mainstream media that echoes the government, rather than questioning it. In The Media's True Lies: Paving the Way for an Attack on Iran she concludes:

The media drumbeat against Iran is a disgrace, but it tells us that the attack can’t be too far away. Iran is not America’s worst enemy. Our worst enemies are right here, smiling as they read from teleprompters or quoting from anonymous administration sources. Once again they are working hand in glove to help another president destroy a country and kill many, many people.

Dennis Trainor, Jr. issues an oppen letter to the 99%:

Rabbi Michael Lerner, who is placing an ad in The New York Times and possibly in Israeli papers against an attack by Israel or the U.S. writes:

As much as we detest the oppressive and dictatorial regime of the mullahs in Iran, as much as we want it to be replaced by a democratic and human rights-respecting regime, we know that the only way that can happen is through an uprising of the people of Iran. An assault by Israel backed by the US (overtly or covertly) will only strengthen the horrific gangsters who have misused the language of Islam to justify their oppressive regime, twisting the doctrines of Islam away from their fundamentally decent and peace-loving essence to manifest a hateful and repressive side...


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