Would You Give 2 Hours this Weekend to Stop U.S. War on Iran?

by libbyliberal 

Saturday, February 4th, has been declared a global day of mass action to stop a U.S. War with Iran. I intend to go to Times Square (Duffy Square-47th St. & 7th Ave.) @1pm for the rally. There are scores of US cities participating (see list below) and cities/communities in England, Ireland, Bangladesh, India, Canada, etc., on this upcoming Friday or Saturday.

Here is an opportunity to hit the streets and communicate OUR citizen-truth and citizen-will to POWER. The power brokers to whom the welfare of humanity, our own and that of our foreign fellow human beings, is tragically no longer a priority.

Do we really want an obscene amount of our tax dollars devoted to another war, thousands more of our young soldiers enduring death, psychological and/or physical maiming, as well as further thousands of innocent foreign people for whom we have no personal malice?

Do we want another US war on our consciences? We need to take responsibility. Responsibility = “the ability to respond”. Here is an opportunity. An opportunity to SAY NO to amoral militarism for corporate profiteering.

Below there is 1) a statement of appeal/petition to stop a war between the US and Iran compiled by some of our leading anti-war activists, 2) a consciousness raising quiz from World Can’t Wait that helps combat the corporate media's drumbeat of anti-Iran propaganda, and 3) a list of participating cities with rally addresses and times.

There are three types of people. 1) People who make things happen, 2) people who watch things happen, 3) people who ask, “WTF happened????”

This Friday or Saturday, join the pro-active, people of conscience group THAT MAKES THINGS HAPPEN! In other countries some people are rallying despite risks far more dire than the ones we will face showing up.

Please consider.