Rescue & Care, Not Military Occupation!

By Debra Sweet  

World Can’t Wait leader Elaine Brower joins delegation to Haiti 

Millions of people have watched in horror as the people in Haiti have struggled to survive and aid trickles in. We are very proud that Elaine Brower, a New Yorker on the World Can't Wait Steering Committee, plans to travel to Haiti next week, taking aid she's gathered, and finding out from the people what they need from us. From her blog:  
"Our purpose is to spend time with the people in the City of Port au-Prince, but also those who have been relocated from the main city area into the countryside. We will be carrying large quantities of our own aid, consisting of food items, powdered milk, rice, bandages, antibacterial wash, infant formula, women's feminine protection, cleansing wipes, and many other items that are badly needed by the victims of the quake in its aftermath.
“While on the ground, we will be speaking with the people, conducting video interviews, maintaining a photo journal and focusing on exactly what they want and need directly from the international community, and not government nor representative institutions."
“Many people are asking questions about the devastation in Haiti; especially WHY it has been such a disaster, WHY Haiti is so especially impoverished and WHAT needs to be done. Amy Goodman and Democracy Now! have reported from the ground and about the history of Haiti, and have some excellent background information on their website (Go to Haiti, Forgive Us). Elaine, whose son is a former Marine, will be investigating the role of the US military in Haiti. Look for her reports on her blog and write her.