This is Where We Take Our Stand

 by David Zeiger

 "No one could hear our stories and still support this s***!" -- Geoff Millard

Dear friends,

I am pleased to tell you that the sixth and final episode of the series, This is Where We Take Our Stand, is now live. Episode 6--No Longer a Monster, presents some of the most damning testimony yet from both occupations, along with the inspiring closing concert by Tom Morello. Click here to watch No Longer a Monster.

The full series is now up and available for you to watch, share, spread, and act on. As we have said all along, there is nothing that more clearly and chillingly tells the real story of what this country is doing to Iraq and Afghanistan than the courageous testimony of these soldiers and veterans. They cannot be denied, no matter who is president.

This is Where We Take Our Stand is here for you to use. Please do everything you can to get all of the episodes into the hands of students, veterans, soldiers, anyone and everyone who wants to take a stand to end these endless wars.

The slaughter in Afghanistan has gone on for EIGHT YEARS. Are we really going to allow eight more? The choice is ours.

- David Zeiger

No Longer a Monster
: "There are no more authoritative voices to speak out about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan than the people who have been there under fire," declares singer Tom Morello (The Nightwatchman, Rage Against the Machine), as he leads a raucous celebration of three days of intense, painful, and liberating testimony. And while James Gilligan reveals the deep similarities between the "bad war" (Iraq) and the "good war" (Afghanistan), Jon Turner declares for all, "I am sorry for the things that I did, I am no longer the monster that I once was."

This is Where We Take Our Stand
, the series that tells the riveting and timely story of the hundreds of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who testified at last year's Winter Soldier investigation, continues today. Watch episode five, tell friends, forward this email, spread the word and fan the debate. These stories must be heard.


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