Victor Agosto Sentenced to 30 Days

Editor's note: the following statement was posted on the Facebook page of Courage to Resist. World Can't Wait will be posting further information on the trial and sentencing of GI resister Victor Agosto soon.

" Courage To Resist is outraged that Army objector Victor Agosto has to even spend one day in jail for refusing to fight in Afghanistan. Victor was sentenced to 30 days in jail at his court martial at Ft. Hood, Texas today. He is expected to accept an OTH discharge later. (Props to Victor's lawyer James Branum for minimizing punishment, and everybody who donated to Victor's defense fund!)"

from The Ragblog. 

SPC Victor Agosto, a soldier stationed with 57th Expeditionary Signal Battalion, 69th Air Defense Artillery, Rear Detachment, is scheduled for court-martial on August 5 at Fort Hood, TX.

A victim of the highly unpopular stop/loss policy, SPC Agosto, whose contract was over at the end of June, was told that his next assignment would be deployment to Afghanistan. At the end of April, with support of local residents, Agosto went public with his intent to refuse the orders to Afghanistan, on the basis of the occupation being “immoral and unjust.”

Instead of going "underground" and trying to escape punishment from the Army, Agosto chose to remain at Fort Hood as a tangible symbol of GI resistance. Refusing all orders that directly support the war, he has found himself in an overwhelming struggle to maintain his honor and position. His court-martial will culminate with the sentencing portion of the trial, at which, it is believed that the Army will enforce the highest form of sentencing it can impose.

SPC Agosto’s attempt to raise awareness and support has not fallen on deaf ears, even in a military community; he has found supporters and friends who are willing to help. As the unit serves overseas, he continues to voice his dissent for an “unjust” war. There will be demonstrators present the day of his arraignment, located off-post due to military regulations concerning demonstrations on military posts.

Supporters are urged to gather to support Victor Agosto from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m., Wednesday, August 5th, at the Fort Hood East Gate in Killeen, Texas. SPC Agosto's attorney, James Branum will be available for interviews and will read a public statement by Victor Agosto.

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