Shell No in Portland Oregon: Protesters Keep Artic-Bound Tanker at Dock

Mike Hastie | July 30, 2015

Greenpeace Protesters in Portland Prevent Shell Icebreaker from Leaving Port

By now, most people know there are 13 Greenpeace activists hanging from the St. Johns Bridge spanning the Willamette River that connects Portland to the small town of St. Johns. They are protesting Shell Oil's drilling in the Arctic. The icebreaker Fennica arrived in Portland last week for repairs. The ship is now repaired, and there is a cat and mouse game being played out for its departure to the Arctic.

I took this picture yesterday at Cathedral Park on the St. Johns side of the bridge. There were many people there to support their daring cause for environmental sanity. Often, groups of people would yell in unison to the Greenpeace activists dangling 130 feet above the water: " Thank you, we support you." I took this image as the afternoon sun hit the top of the bridge, so as to give the activists an additional glow to their cause.

Mike Hastie is a member of Veterans for Peace.