There is a way we can act - for humanity and the planet

Climate Crisis

by the Chicago Chapter of World Can't Wait

Climate Crisis Conference Saturday, February 16

Haven't we all felt outraged and frustrated when we read another horror story about the devastating impact of climate chaos on life around the planet? Yet decades of international conferences and non-binding 'agreements' have done nothing to moderate the spreading destruction.

Instead, our government has sabotaged those talks and passed draconian laws to brand environmental activists as "terrorists." We must and can come together to consider this situation, deeply, and dedicate ourselves to reversing it  - because humanity and the planet come first. And we're doing that, here in Chicago, at the Climate Crisis Conference on February 16!

At the opening plenary, Dr. Mark Potosnak of DePaul University will present the climate science and the scenarios ahead if we do not act. Carl Wassilie, a Yup'iak Alaskan, is coming from Alaska to bring us the story of the first climate refugees in the US. He will describe the struggle of Alaska's Big Village Network to save 31 Native villages facing imminent threat from rising waters.

The science is clear, and the impact on those who have contributed the least to the problem will be evident. So what are some of the obstacles to acting on that science? At our second plenary, "Roots of the Problem," Orpheus Reed, a writer with Revolution newspaper, will address the capitalist economic and political system. Bob Goldstein, a Lutheran minister, will critique the traditional Christian understanding of "man's dominion over creation." And Barney Bush, Native American poet and environmental activist from downstate Illinois, will outline the inheritance of colonial domination and the settler mindset.

And those are just the morning sessions! After lunch and a chance to network and visit the groups tabling, the afternoon will feature breakout sessions led by organizers working to stop various attacks on the environment, using a range of approaches. No one should leave without a way to act! Finally, we will come together to consider where we go from here in building a powerful movement.

After the conference, we invite everyone to stay for a send-off party for people from this area leaving Saturday evening to join thousands in Washington, DC, for the "Climate Forward" rally to demand "NO Keystone Tar Sands pipeline!"

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What: Climate Crisis Conference
When: Saturday, Feb. 16, 8:30 am to 5 pm
Where: IIT Kent College of Law, 565 W. Adams, Chicago

Register today - Seats are limited, and your advance registration helps us plan this exciting event!

$25 per person
$10 students/umemployed
(lunch included)

See you Saturday, Feb. 16!

Stop the Crimes Against the Planet! No Keystone XL Pipeline! Rally at the National Mall and then march to the White House.

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Photo of Lake Hume in Australia by suburbanbloke on Flickr.

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