Stormy Times Require a Lot from Us

by Debra Sweet

Thanks to all who have messaged those of us in the northeast to check how we're doing. We know many of you have been affected, and are not even able to read this, or follow the news. The scale of the disaster in the US is unprecedented, and still remains to be grasped, as tens of millions are affected.

A reminder, given how seriously people in NYC/NJ are affected... proportionately, the poor countries who got the storms brunt first, especially Haiti, suffered more loss. People in Haiti's slums who have nothing — a situation fostered by centuries of U.S. actions — were washed away, and survivors face cholera. This is an international problem, and we can't get all "Ah-MUR-i-can" as the politicians do.

Some of our activists have been affected by the storm surge directly cutting off power and access to where they live. Everyone is affected by the shut off of transport. Yesterday we learned how widespread the loss of power is, affecting most of the people in public housing (but Wall Street got opened!). Today, we are seeing horrific reports of Katrina-like conditions in Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Queens, with bodies being found today as houses are searched. Beyond the politicians and press conferences on CNN, see these 2 reports from on the ground: Reports from those affected by Hurricane Sandy Residents of New York Face a Huge Range of Crises

Two words as we go forward: "climate change." Do you think either candidate will mention climate change? Even if they do, they offer no solutions.

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