The Culture of Bigotry

"The World Can’t Wait organizes people living in the United States to repudiate and stop the fascist direction initiated by the Bush Regime, including: the murderous, unjust and illegitimate occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan; the global “war of terror” of torture, rendition and spying; and the culture of bigotry, intolerance and greed."

-from World Can't Wait's mission statement adopted 2009

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Reproductive Rights

Real History Lessons

Hate Speech Isn't Free

World Can't Wait | September 12, 2017

dailycaliDefense of white privilege costs the disadvantaged dearly. Ask someone who's been there. American "free speech" law protects people against physical harm -- and tolerates unlimited emotional harm. Victims of hate speech suffer as much as or more than victims of hate crime argues Fordham Law Professor Thane Rosenbaum.


Stop the Desperation of Refugees, Stop Bombing Their Countries

World Can't Wait | July 26, 2017

In year three of the largest world refugee crisis since WW II, the Trump/Pence regime has targeted refugees as a dangerous immigrant grouping. As was said by the presidential candidate himself: “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.”


From Outer Space, Three Guideposts for the Resistance

Roy Eidelson | June 27, 2017

Later this summer, millions of Americans — from Oregon to South Carolina — will be looking skyward to witness a rare total solar eclipse as the moon briefly blots out the sun. Yet for so many in the United States, dark days aren’t really anything new. And they’re becoming all the more commonplace as Trump, Ryan, and McConnell advance a heartless agenda that dims the lights on pretty much everyone except the privileged few.


These Men Stood Up to Muslim Bashing - The Least We Can Do Is Commend Their Righteous Action - Get Out In the Streets!

World Can't Wait | June 2, 2017

No More Fascist Killings!

heros"On Friday May 26, three people were stabbed, two fatally, on a Portland, Oregon commuter train, after defending two young women, one wearing a hijab, who were being harassed and verbally attacked by a white man, who shouted obscene racist and anti-Muslim slurs," reported


Trump Wants More Power - and He Wants It Quickly

World Can't Wait | May 1, 2017

alanmarling"My administration has brought profound change to Washington," said the President of his first 100 days in office. Dismantling the U.S. Constitution's separation of powers is his end game, using the institutional mechanisms designed to preserve democracy to undermine constitutional order. 


Central High School, Little Rock Arkansas, 1957 – Racist Mob Rallies for White Supremacy and Segregation | March 10, 2017

Central High School, Little Rock Arkansas, 1957 – Racist Mob Rallies for White Supremacy and SegregationChristian fascist legislators in Arkansas are seeking to enact a law banning material by or about historian Howard Zinn from public or state-supported schools. This outrageous measure is in lockstep with the fascism the Trump/Pence Regime is out to impose.


It Takes Millions of Protesters In the Streets to Drive Out a Fascist State -- We've Demonstrated the Ability to Do Just That

World Can't Wait | February 11, 2017

Donald Trump is considering a 'brand new' immigration order after the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld suspension of his travel ban Thursday. "You'll see something next week," said the President. His January 27 executive order barred people from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen from entering for 90 days and barred all refugees for 120 days. Refugees from Syria were banned indefinitely. The action triggered widespread condemnation.


Trump Awards Campaign Chief with National Security Council Seat

World Cant' Wait | Febuary 1, 2017

The Opinion of Deputy Assistant Attorney General (a position previously held by torture advocate John Yoo) Daniel L. Koffsky came in handy to contravene the anti-nepotism statute hindering appointment of the President's son-in-law Jared Kushnerclear as senior White House adviser. But Deporter-in-Chief Donald Trump didn't bother to consult his Office of Legal Counsel for approval to conspire to deny the civil rights of members of the Muslim faith. 


Trump Means War. He Won't Hesitate to Use the Tools Obama Employed. We Can't Wait to Stop Him.

World Can't Wait | January 16, 2016

trumpmushroom"We forget at our peril that Trump has made it clear through his political appointments that his administration will be the most militarist, warlike and jingoist administration in modern history" -- Marc Norton at


Trump Installs His Fascist Team | November 22, 2016

Editor's note: Trump's team so far includes:

The Fascist Resumé of Trump's Chief Strategist Steve Bannon

bannonOne of Donald Trump's first decisions as president-elect was to name Steve Bannon his chief strategist and senior counselor. Bannon managed Trump's campaign. Before that he was the owner and hands-on force behind the website Breitbart News Network. Mainstream news and Bannon himself call Bannon's politics "conservative," "alt-right," or "white nationalist." It's worse than that.


No Magical Thinking about Trump

Curt Wechsler | November 22, 2016

As speculation swirls around how bad a Trump regime will prove -- which promises he'll keep and which he will abandon -- magical thinking delays a proper response to the very real deployment of fascist rule in America. "That which you will not resist and mobilize to stop, you will learn or be forced to accept," reads the original World Can't Wait call to Drive Out the Bush Regime.


Main Culture of Bigotry


World Can't Wait mobilizes people living in the United States to stand up and stop war on the world, repression and torture carried out by the US government. We take action, regardless of which political party holds power, to expose the crimes of our government, from war crimes to systematic mass incarceration, and to put humanity and the planet first.