Madiha Tahir podcast: Drones & The Military Present

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This four-part series explores various aspects of how the present is shaped by war. To do so, we've invited anthropologists to help usmake sense of the current political moment.

Episode 2 features an interview with Madiha Tahir, focusing on drones and remote warfare in Afghanistan, Pakistan and around the world. Madiha Tahir is pictured here with Usman Khan whose father was killed in a drone attack on March 17, 2011. Khan asked that the photo be taken to show the world that they are not a "terrorists."

Upcoming episodes will feature Wazhmah Osman focusing on the MOAB strike in Afghanistan last year and situates the bomb in a longer history of war and in relation to other discursive technologies that obscure its effects, and finally Omar Dewachi about wounds of war and the temporality of war's violence.

Each of these episodes asks anthropologists (or scholars in related disciplines/trained as anthropologists) to engage with pressing issues of our present. Our hope is that the episodes would be of interest to anyone concerned with US militarized violence, domestically and internationally, and that they will contribute to public scholarship.


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