The U.S. Drone War in the News — Who Do You Believe?

Debra Sweet | Feburary 23, 2016

The former CIA/NSA Chief General Michael Hayden shilling for targeted killing by drones today on the New York Times opinion page?

"Critics assert that a high percentage of the people killed in drone strikes are civilians — a claim totally at odds with the intelligence I have reviewed — and that the strikes have turned the Muslim world against the United States, fueling terrorist recruitment. Political elites have joined in, complaining that intelligence agencies have gone too far — until they have felt in danger, when they have complained that the agencies did not go far enough."

...or 4 former U.S. drone operators who "came to regard the drone program as a wasteful abuse of power, promoted on lies, and, in practice, a cause for more enemy combatants than it could ever kill," profiled in The Rolling Stone this week.


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