kNOw Drones!

A “reaper” replica spurs sidewalk conversations about drone warfare outside New York’s Museum of Modern Art, click to watch.

“The goals of this tour are an end to US drone warfare and US wars and an international ban on weaponized drones and drone surveillance,” said Nick Mottern, director of the tour. 

The kNOw Drones tour is sponsored by World Can't Wait, Code Pink, and other groups. Sponsorship for us means real involvement, input, and learning as much as we can by being out on the street with the tour. Join us! News from the tour:

The 2012 Know Drones Tour, a public education campaign focusing on legal, ethical and civil liberties concerns raised by the surge in drone warfare and drone surveillance, begins in Brooklyn, New York on April 12, 2012 with sidewalk displays of large-scale replicas of the MQ-9 Reaper drone, the workhorse of drone warfare.

The 2012 national "kNOw drones" tour starts April 12 in Brooklyn.  More info at

Sidewalk drone education:
Join the education team for 1 hour or more. Email or call World Can't Wait 646-807-3259.

Thursday April 12 10 am – 2pm
Boro Hall Farmers Market, Joralemon & Court.

Friday April 13 10 am – 2 pm.
Trader Joe’s, Atlantic and Court.

Saturday April 14  9 am – 1 pm.
Ft. Greene Park Farmers Market & Grand Army Farmers Market.

The main event of the Brooklyn tour visit will be a forum on Saturday, April 14 with Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Code Pink and author of the forthcoming  “Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control”; Glen Ford, Executive Editor of the Black Agenda Report; Debra Sweet, Director of World Can’t Wait; Zohra Ahmed of the Pakistan Solidarity Network; and David Tykulsker of Brooklyn for Peace. 

The tour is visiting Brooklyn because Congressman Edolphus Towns D - NY- 10, is a member of the Congressional Unmanned Systems Caucus, also known as the drone caucus, formed to lobby within Congress on behalf of the drone industry.   Over the course of the year, the tour will visit the home districts of 17 of the 55 members of the drone caucus, traveling to southern New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore, northern Maryland, Ohio and southern California.
The unique feature of the tour is the use of the drone replicas, which are eight feet long and have a wingspan of 11 feet, to engage people in conversations about drones.  This video shows a replica being used for sidewalk education in front of New York’s Museum of Modern Art in 2011.  The drone replicas will be set up as time permits in communities in between scheduled tour stops.

FORUM on U.S. drone wars

Saturday, April 14  3:30 – 6 pm
Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church, 85 S. Oxford Street.


Zohra Ahmed – Pakistan Solidarity Network
Medea Benjamin – Co-founder of Code Pink and author of the newly released book Drone Wars: Killing by Remote Control.
Glen Ford – Executive Director of the Black Agenda Report.
Debra Sweet – Director of World Can’t Wait
David Tykulsker – Co-Chair, Brooklyn  for Peace


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