Reports from February 4 Day of Action - No War on Iran

Times Square, NYC, February 4 as 500 people began to gather

We had a good beginning round of protest Saturday, February 4 against a war on Iran, in about 80 places across the US and Canada, and including Leeds (UK), Berlin, and Rome. Thousands marched, rallied, spoke, sang, did theater, vigils, held signs and reached out to many thousands more. Many people said how much they felt the spirit of unity, and were heartened by quick, loud, determined message: not another US war in our name, whether it's begun by Israel or the Obama administration.

Press Coverage

Photos from all locations

New York City

Watch the video (courtesy Next Left Notes):

Video by Joe Friendly:

Debra Sweet speaking at the UN Mission:

Photo essay by Next Left Notes

Waco, TX

The Waco Friends of Peace staged a "NO IRAN WAR"  street protest from 1-3p.m., Sat, Feb 4, at the corner of  Valley Mills and Waco Drives in Waco, Tx.. We had 12-14 activists participate, an excellent crowd for Waco. Almost all of the motorist response was positive, with many honks and peace signs flashed.  Waco is a very conservative city, thus we were pleased with coverage by one local TV station, which played a 30sec, clip on the 6pm news.

Defiance, OH

Defiance Citizens For Change and Occupy Defiance held a No War on Iran demonstration at the Defiance County Courthouse in Defiance, Ohio February 4 from noon to five. There were approximately a dozen people there at any one time. We gathered signatures and distributed information. We got tons of supportive honks and waves from motorists. We had two people come from Occupy Toledo and one from Cleveland.


About 10 people held signs and leafleted at the First Friday Art Walk in Honolulu on Friday evening. Big 3x4' reproductions of the National Day of Mass Action logo lined the sidewalk as activists distributed the Call to Mass Action and the Iran Quiz. Many passers-by seemed puzzled by our action, indicating they hadn't heard anything about impending war. Several even asked if we didn't mean Iraq! Some thanked us for being there and a few reactionaries said the U.S. should just "nuke 'em" but most seemed to want to avoid the issue. Some were puzzled by our action, indicating they hadn't heard anything about an impending war on Iran. Few seemed aware of the sanctions being imposed on Iran.

Saturday evening in Waikiki was very different. There were only about a dozen of us but we had a big presence on one of the busiest corners on the main avenue running through Honolulu's Waikiki tourist district. Our big puppet of Obama, along with signs against war and sanctions on Iran provoked immediate responses. International visitors responded most favorably. Japanese tourists, who almost never take leaflets, thanked us and took leaflets. A tourist from China joined us, holding a sign. We spoke with at least 8 Iranians who thanked us profusely. One Iranian woman, upon hearing that people in 80 cities were holding similar events said "that gives me chicken bumps" and immediately began texting her family in Iran. A Pakistani man joined us as we were about to leave, eager to share his opinions on the U.S. drone attacks on Pakistan. Some tourists and residents thanked us more quietly, and many were simply curious. Literally hundreds of photos were taken of the Obama puppet. However, a shocking number of people (mainly older men) responded with comments like: "kill 'em all," "they're going to nuke us...are you crazy?," "bomb 'em" and worse.

Some of us who had gone to the same corner prior to the launching of the Iraq war were quite surprised at the number of extremely backward responses. We had naively thought that people would remember how the U.S. had lied about the Iraq war, and would be suspicious about another set of lies. That appeared not to be the case. When war was looming against Iraq, GI's who were preparing for war were the most outspoken reactionaries. This time they tried to pass by without speaking, generally refusing to accept leaflets. However, the responses from older people were especially ugly and racist. Some of us wondered afterwards whether this was because this particular group remembered the overthrow of the Shah and the taking of the U.S. hostages and harbored a special hatred for the Iranian people because of they had risen up against the U.S.'s puppet there. Whatever the reason, we had not expected so much ugliness.

A short piece about the Waikiki protest appeared on the local Fox affiliate's nightly news. The story is already provoking comments.

In summing up the evening, we all felt that our action had really given a lot of people heart - especially international vicitors. We were also sure that news of our action would spread elsewhere via photos, texts, and videos. Many people seemed to be considering the possibility of a war on Iran for the first time. It's clearly not on the popular radar. It also helped us understand the amount of work that has to be done to counter reactionary voices who are openly supporting war on Iran and genocide against its peoples.

Southwest Florida

Following the whirling dervish activity during the recent GOP circus here in SW Florida during which one of our own Occupy Fort Myers protesters was arrested and slapped with a bogus "battery on an officer" felony and while preparing a warm occupy welcome to Wisconsin Scott Walker in Naples next week, somehow no one organized a protest rally or march in solidarity with international action to protest war on Iran. In two days we put out a Face book announcement for a peaceful protest on the beach, and about 15 supporters showed up to light candles, play music, sing, and drum  . . . under the misted moon across the street from lit up high rises. One visitor told us they could hear us vibrating from the 8th floor. Hesitant to hear a complaint and perhaps a threat to call the police, we heard him say, "no, it sounds great," and then he joined us on a drum for a brief time. Music truly is one of the universal languages of peace. Watch this clip from the local 10 pm news.

Los Angeles

Two rallies in Los Angeles happened against the War on Iran February 4. About 20 people went to both which was good to see. Four orange jumpsuits, two with Stop Crimes of Your Government were visible at first rally. One orange hooded jumpsuit with Stop Crimes of Your Government at 2nd. People took flyer, many commenting on the visual.  First rally was in very busy intersection of Los Angeles, lots of vehicle and pedestrian traffic. National Lawyers Guild speaker was approached by L.A. County sheriff and they were immediately surrounded by circle of protester shouting shame on you and whole world is watching. Second rally in front of Federal Building with busy vehicle intersection, across from Veteran's cemetery. Lot of honks. Organizer gave props to World Can't Wait for putting out the call to come together nationally. 1st and 2nd rally had good showing, lots of placards. Reception among pedestrians and cars were over all positive.

Rochester, NY

We had about 15 people at the Public Market on Saturday for the Day of Action for No War on Iran, No Sanctions on Iran, No Intervention in Iran, No Assassinations in Iran.  We had several nice posters, handed out several hundred Flyers with information on Iran, and quizzes. We talked to numerous people in the crowded market and went through the quiz with some. Many people said they knew the answers, but took the quiz to use with their family and friends.  I told them the answers were documented on the website. We had 100 FCNL postcards with us. I arrived home with 36 signed postcards to Senators, and 14 unsigned. The rest of the original hundred were handed out or taken by members of our group.  See photos.


About 70 people rallied against war and sanctions on Iran at Westlake Park in Seattle and marched to the offices of KIRO-TV near Seattle Center in Belltown. There were about 100-150 people on the march. We did a mic check at the end. People said they were glad to know that the protest was happening although some people said they were disappointed with the numbers. Here are the videos:


During a time of increased U.S./Israeli threats of an attack on Iran and the same false rhetoric that the “other” is a threat to Americans coming out of Washington that goes hand in hand with these threats there was a group of 150 people here in Chicago who are refusing to go along with this grave injustice being planned against the people of Iran. They came out to Federal Plaza Saturday afternoon to say “No War On Iran”. This rally and march coincided with 70 other actions across the country called by World Can’t Wait and other organizations to say No War, No Sanctions, No Assassinations against the people of Iran.

The events began with representatives from Midwest Antiwar Mobilization, ANSWER, Albany Park Neighborhood for Peace, World Can’t Wait, and an Iranian American all apeaking to the horro and disaster, war, sanctions, and assassinations would bring to the people of Iran.

There were Iranian Americans in the crowd with signs that put out the sentiment that while they hate the repressive Iranian regime that they do not want the U.S. or Israel to attack Iran because they know what a horror it would be for their families and friends in Iran.


An important note is that the speaker for World Can’t Wait really brought home what a disaster a war on Iran, especially as “all options are on the table” with regard to the type of war that the U.S. would wage and how it is our responsibility as the people living in this country to stop this war before it even gets started, ” what does it mean when Obama and Clinton repeat that “all options are on the table”? It means they are prepared to use nuclear weapons and or bomb Iranian nuclear facilities. The Union of Concerned Scientists has said that if the Bashyir nuclear power plant is bombed, it would lead to 300,000 deaths and millions more would be exposed to radiation through atmosphere. This is terrorism.” And ended with “Today is the start and WE ALL must commit to being out in the streets, making the case to neighbors, family, strangers. We’ve got to stop this war before it starts – The WORLD CAN’T WAIT!”

The rally was followed by a spirited march through downtown’s shopping district. At one point we marched by the Joffrey Ballet across the street. The dancers having heard us from below came to the window and waved and raised their fists in solidarity.

The point was made that today’s rally and march is but a beginning in stopping this crime of our government from being perpetrated on the people of Iran and that not only we must continue to resist and oppose such a crime being committed, but that we must call on others to join us.

New Hampshire

NH Veterans for Peace had about 50 people, college students, retired folks, members of NH Peace Action, NH VFP, and many folks from Occupy NH come out for the day, with speeches about NOT attacking Iran, and about role of Israel in all of this.  An NYC Occupy member visiting a NH friend who was there, as well as a member of Gold Star Families whose nephew was killed in Iraq. For music, we played "Emma's Revolution, especially their song, "Occupy the USA."

San Francisco

See speakers including Cindy Sheehan, Daniel Ellsberg, Larry Everest, Father Louis Vitale, and Veterans for Peace in Part 1

See speakers including Occupy SF, Iraq Veterans Against the War, and World Can't Wait in Part 2

600 March Demanding NO WAR ON IRAN!

On February 4 hundreds rallied downtown before a march of 600 took off down Market Street, demanding NO WAR ON IRAN under wonderful signs and banners. Their chants were united and very loud – often making shoppers a block away stop and look up.

Before the march, a fast-paced hour flew by as speakers poured out their best arguments against a war on Iran, the stakes of stopping it, and what people in the U.S. should do. The speakers’ diversity of views, within the unity of the “Four No’s” slogan, captured intense listening from the whole crowd. An emcee team from World Can’t Wait and the ANSWER Coalition called on us many times to bring together the unity of this demand even as we bring to it different political outlooks. The crowd cheered this point every time– and the crowd itself was growing larger AND more diverse even during the rally and march. Hundreds crowded forward to hear Cindy Sheehan, Daniel Ellsberg, Larry Everest of Revolution newspaper, Veterans for Peace, Fr. Louis Vitale, Al-Awda Palestine Right of Return, Dr. Henry Clark (West County Toxics Coalition), Iranian professor Kaveh Afrasiabi (Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran), Code Pink, ANSWER Coalition, and Solidarity with Iran. And at the second rally when the march reached United Nations Plaza, we heard speeches from Occupy San Francisco, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Stanford Says No To War, BAYAN, Party for Socialism and Liberation, World Can’t Wait, and Courage to Resist/Bradley Manning Support Committee.

Spirits were high yet sober. An older woman veteran of the anti-war movement told us she was “holding my breath on the way here, I was so afraid the rally would be small. I’ve been feeling so sick about war on Iran but we haven’t had a protest yet. When I saw this crowd it lifted me: the turnout and how many different groups are here together.” Speakers and marchers alike talked all day about feeling such urgency and outrage, whether they called it criminal, or imperialist, or ungodly, or immoral. Some talked of pressuring Obama, others saw Obama as part of the problem; some brought the Occupy spirit, others spoke the world needing communist revolution. There were different views about the government of Iran, too. But everyone came because they see the war clouds looming and they feel responsibility to be part of stopping it.

Many said during the day that they felt this was one of the more powerful protests by the local anti-war movement in recent years. They pointed to different reasons for this power: its diversity, but also the passion in such people wanting and creating unity to make the “Four No’s” demand reverberate.

[An observation about media attitude at the rally: Could it be that this “mood” == after all the polls say only 17% support this war -- had anything to do with the way the local mainstream news reportersmedia stayed, cameras rolling, for the entire rally? (All 3 evening news shows aired reports, some using interviews of Dan Ellsberg and Cindy Sheehan included.)]

Now everyone is grappling with how to go FROM February 4 TO a next level of mass opposition to war on Iran. As the closing rally ended, one knot of people were reflecting together about the “debate” within the rally when different speakers argued different views about Obama. Another group was gathering around anti-war vets. Many others were with Occupy SF and were figuring out how OSF could do more anti-war actions. Several people spoke to World Can’t Wait afterward to thank us for kicking off this Day of Mass Action and expressed feeling emboldened that it grew so quickly -- with less than two weeks lead time turning into 80 actions. One said, “Maybe we’re finally seeing the start of a new anti-war movement – we NEED it!”

Indymedia video.

Also see


Nearly 100 people gathered at a busy intersection in the Galleria shopping area to demand “No War on Iran”. There was a mix of long-time anti-war activists, people from the Iranian and Muslim communities, along with people from Occupy Houston and some people who just didn’t want to see another war waged by the US.

Among the signs were bold, colorful signs reading “No War on Iran” made by a local Pacifica activist who is a graphic artist. Some Iranian women held up the centerfold poster “A Lesson About Liars” from Revolution Newspaper, chronicling the lies used to justify the US war of aggression against Iraq. There was an open mic where different points of view were expressed. Several speakers, while denouncing US/Israeli war plans, and exposing much of the US’ crimes, insisted that the US should return to its founding principles. A Revolution distributor got strong agreement from the crowd, especially from those from the Middle East, when he pointed out that those “founding principles” were the genocide against the Native Peoples and the enslavement of millions of Black people.

There was lots of exposure of US crimes around the world and the lies used to justify them. One Iranian woman who lived in Iran during the early years of the Iraq war, told how it brought her to tears to remember the young men whose bodies were torn to pieces by that war.

Codepink Courtney & Bob Carter report: 1st Peace Responders in Houston Speak Out "No New War on Iran"!

Houston, TX, Saturday February 4, 2012 3-6pm. On short notice from the national Codepink, Houston Codepink partnered with Houstonians adding our voice to the thousands of people of faith and conscience demanding that the USA & Israel put an immediate end to any plans of hostile action towards the sovereign state of Iran.
3pm First we gathered on 1 street corner in a busy financial-shopping area with thousands of cars (the Galleria).
As more protesters turned up, we added them to take over all 4 street corners & down the streets.

Positives: Highly visible public awareness. Great signage! +Posters!  Banners! Portable sound system.
+Many speakers, lots of folk stepped up to the mic., mixed ethnicity, ages & groups. MORE Iranian women, Muslim or Arab women than we've united with since the beginning drumbeats of the Iraq invasion! Multiple religions (& the freethinkers & RCP also) 150 of our handouts distributed (to less than 1/4 drivers & passerby who reached out). Only 2 Houston Police officers (wouldn't let us go off the curbs).   We occupied the street corners & the meridians.  Distributed What YOU Can Do To Prevent Another War- on Iran!"  We should have had MORE flyers! Could-a gave out a thousand more! Public wants to know what they can DO individually. Big hits:PDA "Healthcare Not Warfare" stickers (need more). Codepink Bring Our War $$ Home stickers. ALL gone. Need more!
Negatives: not the thousands of folk who turned out to prevent the Iraq invasion. Could have been a lot more Iranian Americans who live around Houston. We need better connection. Back in 2009 after the Iranian "election", hundreds turned out for protest of a failed democratic election.
-US-uns are in denial - don't believe another war could happen like in Iraq, getting fooled & lied to, WMDs etc; Only a few nasty shout backs ("Death to the Anti-Semites; BombBombIran!;  US MUST defend Israel; The Middle East is going to Hell anyway; WHAT war? We're not in Iran")"   ... A woman quipped: If you're a feminist you should care about all those Arab women, oppressed by fundamentalist animal Arabs, forced to wear burkas & all that stuff; WE America can free them!"...
Reminded me of a Martha Shelley pithy retort on a previous Codepink conversation, so I retorted, Oh my God, so it's OK to BOMB those women in burkas to free them?" We need a Codepink info sheet on Supporting our Sisters in the Middle East.... I'm going to make a new sign: Don't be willfully ignorant! Turn off Faux News! Occupy Your Mind!  
-Lack of activists. Better than the loyal few who sustain the freeway sign blogging every week but still a paltry few.
-Lack of mainstream media & the spin on "what war? 

**Created camaraderie, public awareness, discussion, shared learning, good speeches -- Calls for a complete cessation of any plans to initiate military action against Iran. No assassinations,  No $$ for Corporate War Profiteers!  Call off the harsh economic sanctions. End military industrial war-mongering. American Israel Public Affairs Committee stay out of Iran's business. Expose the lies.  Need to create film on Iran & the people who's lives may next be destroyed. War is NOT the answer.

Don't Iraq Iran
Thanks to Codepink for the alert about the Nat'l Day of Action. Thanks Codepink Courtney & Bob Carter for initiating Houston action, drafting Call to Action & What YOU can Do To Prevent Another War on Iran flyer.
Thanks to OccupyHouston for the mainstream Media Advisory, huge social network & creating good turn-out. Thanks Houston Peace & Justice Center signage & photographs.
Thanks to Massoud for powerful posters No War On Iran graphics & posters & turn out.
Thanks to Justice for Palestinians.
Thanks speaking out: Bob Carter. Carl Gibson USUncut reallly did his homework & gave history, economic & politics about US-military & corporate Misadventures in Iran; Did you know that there numerous corporations who are lobbying FOR our military to go defend their properties instead of paying for their own security? They want the military to cause a "regime change".  at least 46 corps have business in Iran
Courtney delivered the Codepink speech "Drumbeats-Iran (clipped from website & previous actions +Thnx JANET WEIL speech! (see attached. I divided up the speech paper & gave parts to Iranian women to take the microphone, stimulating more speaker participation & hearing their stories. Wearing a maroon headscarf, like a hajib helped warm me as well as solidarity sisterhood with the Iranian women:)
No arrests, no accidents, no fights, all went well
Videographer David Bishop & Photographer Burnell McCray filmed & captured some strong images with the women, families & children, young people speaking out. See photos.
+Some new recruits to Occupy.
+Thanks Dave Atwood for Picasa online album also.
+ LOTS of Honks & surprising support & waves of high fives & fists & cheers. Hopefully they will carry forth the messages & resist, prevent another senseless war!

OccupyHouston--GA resolution: War has become nothing more than a tool to control the 99% and enrich the 1%. Despite the fact that the International Atomic Energy Agency, various American intelligence agencies and the Secretary of Defense himself have all stated publicly that they have no evidence to indicate Iranian plans to construct a nuclear weapon, Washington and Israel continue to use this as a pretext to potentially pursue direct military action against the nation. Occupy Houston has grown increasingly concerned about Washington’s unquestioning deference to the hawkish rhetoric of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and its utter deafness to the advice of its very own U.S. intelligence community. In the midst of such a deep recession, Occupy Houston believes our tax dollars would be better spent on education and jobs here at home, instead of being put into bombs and guns that do nothing but destroy lives and tarnish the international reputation of the United States of America. Speak out February 4, 2012 to prevent yet another war - on Iran!

Contact: Dustin Phipps, Occupy Houston
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New Haven CT

Watch video


In the midst of a fragile state and war sentiment on the rise Dallas had great involvement in the February 4, Day of Mass Action to Stop War on Iran. The Dallas Peace Center, CodePINK Greater Dallas, Iranians for Peace, Occupy Dallas, North Texas Veterans for Peace, Pax Christi Dallas, and CodePINK Fort Worth all took part in the Dallas Demonstration to Demand: NO WAR ON IRAN! With over 150 participants the event’s program was quite substantial and included speakers and music, chants, waved signs and banners, and an incredible amount of honking approval from driving passerby.

Texas House Representative for district 90 – Lon Burnam started the program with the understanding that “we are here to oppose war.” Robert Bell an Iraq war veteran with Veterans for Peace spoke on the government’s attempt to take advantage of Americans’ opinion on war and called for “No US-Israeli war on Iran, no sanctions, no intervention, and no assassinations!” and asked everyone to take action. Rich Hancock host of Rational Radio and running democratic candidate for Texas House District 102 urged the crowd by saying that “we are not going to let this happen again not on our watch, we are the 99% and they have to listen.” Following Hancock was Leslie Harris with CodePINK and later Bijan an Iranian peace activist with Iranians for peace. Bijan called out by saying that “A war with Iran will be a disaster, say no to Iranian regime and say no to war. We should put all of our efforts together.”

Action continued, and on Tuesday, February 7 Iranians for Peace and The Dallas Peace Center hosted “No War on Iran & the Consequences” conference with Dr. Morteza Mohit. A diverse crowd of audience participated, half of them being of Iranian decent and the other half Americans. Dr. Mohit started by engaging the audiences on a brief history of Iran focusing on its past relations with the west and it’s changes in power. He later compared the current economic pressure on Iran with similar events that took place in the 1950’s. Mohit goes on by saying that the US is pushing for regime change as they have done in Lybia and currently in Syria and went on stating that the Iranian people aren’t in a position to rise against the Iranian regime. Later Mohit stated that US policies are hurting the Iranian people and it’s helping the government to stabilize itself and defy all things.

Iran and recent US actions are in a boiling pot among the peace and justice community in the Dallas area. Continuing advocacy campaigns and events are expected to take place within the next couple of weeks including congressional visits to Texas’ senators Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn. With not much at hand, these individuals’ heart and passion will continue to thrive as they organize and advocate to stop yet another war.

Some may say that odds are against us but the hope for a better society lies within these active individuals and continues to grow daily.

*Pictures by Walid Ajaj. This report originally appeared on

Dallas Day of Action: R.I.P., American Dream; NO WAR ON IRAN!
Report from Codepink:

Activists had a full day of action on Saturday, Feb 4, beginning with a mock funeral march co-sponsored by Occupy Dallas, North DFW 99%, CodePINK Greater Dallas, Dallas MoveON and others, to mourn the Death of the American Dream. The march up a busy street to the Bank of America, was led by the Grimm Reaper, pall-bearers carrying a coffin labeled, "R.I.P., American Dream," a preacher, and weeping widows, crying all the way. Over a hundred mourners followed with signs and banners saying, among other things, "American Dream, Foreclosed," and "Greed Kills." The service, which included eulogies for T.A. Dream, music and gospel singing, and a reading by the preacher from "the Book of Eviction," was interrupted briefly when police, prompted by upset Bank of America employees, insisted the coffin and mourners be moved from the grass on the corner in front of the bank onto the sidewalk, about three feet away.
After the "funeral," activists had a "wake" - a picnic in a nearby park. After eating and hearing speakers and some music, participants moved to the corner of the park near a busy intersection for the next event: the Dallas Rally to Demand: NO WAR ON IRAN!, co-sponsored by CodePINK Greater Dallas, Iranians for Peace, Occupy Dallas, North Texas Veterans for Peace, Pax Christi Dallas, CodePINK Ft. Worth, and the Dallas Peace Center. Before and after a program which included speakers and music, ralliers talked, hugged, chanted and waved signs and banners, getting lots of honks of approval. A heart-warming caption from a "pop-up" collage of rally photos by Demotix described the anti-war event:
"Looking like a United Nations picnic, north Texas activists from all nationalities and religions give passing motorists the peace sign. Dallas, Texas, USA 4th February 2012."

Rally video. Video of singer at the rally.


Austin activists gathered at 6th and Lamar on a cold winter day to voice their opposition to the next imperialist war of aggression against the people of Iran. The U.S. and Israel, both of which have nuclear weapons, say they will stop at nothing to keep Iran from having a nuclear program, even though the U.S. secretary of defense states that Iran will not have nuclear capability any time soon. The U.S. has begun harsh economic sanctions which can destroy the Iranian economy and the lives of millions of Iranians by depriving them of food, medicine, and electricity. Either the U.S. or Israel is killing Iranian scientists in car bombings. U.S. drones are flying over Iran, in violation of its sovereignty. Three U.S. carrier groups are right off Iran's shore. And secret U.S. commando groups are in the country. Will we allow another U.S. war based on lies? Produced for Austin Indymedia by Jeff Zavala. This is a zgraphix production.

Vancouver, Canada

Here in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada over 130 people joined together in front of the US consulate to protest the U.S. and other imperialists war drive against Iran. Participants were chanting energetically “No war on Iran! No sanctions on Iran! No Assassinations! Hands off Iran! Don't attack Iran! US, UK, NATO out of the Middle East!” through the picket-rally that lasted three hours. Among participants were many people from the Iranian community who oppose any military attack on their homeland, activists from Occupy Vancouver, and a broad spectrum of people of different generations, ethnic backgrounds as well as many peace loving people who had found out about picket-rally through media, emails, facebook and massive postering by antiwar activists in Vancouver. The picket-rally was organized by Mobilization Against War & Occupation (MAWO) and Iranian Community Against War (ICAW).

Interestingly at the beginning a dozen pro war, pro sanctions and pro monarchy Iranians tried to disrupt the event but quickly left the place after more than 100 people started to chant loudly “No war on Iran! No sanctions on Iran!” The picket-rally program comprised of many speakers from different groups and organizations including three Indigenous elders and activists, one veteran of the Civil Rights Movement in the US, one church group, one Iranian activist, two Cuban solidarity organizers, one Occupy Vancouver organizer, one anti Zionist Jewish activist, and co-chairs of MAWO, Janine Solanki and Alison Bodine. The protesters also heard via phone from Phil Wilayto, author, social justice activist and editor of the Virginia Defender, and Sara Flounders in New York, co-director of the International Action Center. The picket-rally finished with minutes of chanting against US and EU aggression against Iran. Protesters promised as long as there is a threat of war against Iran, they will come back regularly to the US consulate to raise their voices against another bloody war in the Middle East. Follow the link for MAWO and ICAW's joint statement against war on Iran.

Marthas Vineyard

Here on Marthas Vineyard we had a combined "No War In Iran" activation by the Occupy group and MV Peace Council, a 40 year old peace group, which have combined all our events. We had AFSC signs, cardboard signs and new fronts to "War is not the Answer" signs held by around 15 people at "Five Corners" near the Steamship Authority Port in Vineyard Haven, where we have been having non-violent demonstrations every three months since pre-Iraq
invasion. The difference yesterday was the response of 90% of the drivers and walkers, who smiled, honked at our "Honk" signs and some of whom stopped to hold signs and talk. We were way encouraged here on Marthas
Vineyard, and know the Occupy movement is waking people up everywhere, including here where we are having Assemblies and meetings every few weeks. It's beginning to work.

Washington DC

Watch video

MacDill Air Force Base, FL

Madison, WI

3 of us organized an event on Feb 4 in Madison in 4 days when no other organizaton was stepping up. Had about 80 people, and 6 tremendous speakers. We are beginning work a bit earlier for the next action, which will be a rally and march, hopefully in the beginning to mid March.


World Can't Wait mobilizes people living in the United States to stand up and stop war on the world, repression and torture carried out by the US government. We take action, regardless of which political party holds power, to expose the crimes of our government, from war crimes to systematic mass incarceration, and to put humanity and the planet first.