Today Is Trump's First Big Work Day, His Effective Day One

World Can't Wait | January 23, 2016

Trump's "ambitious and specific list" for the day includes a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on members of Congress, a hiring freeze for federal workers, and removal of "criminal" immigrants. We can't wait to get back in the streets, starting today, 

We Refuse to Accept a Fascist, Illegitimate President.

The weather outside was frightful. Installation of a misogynist pig in the White House more so. Over one hundred thousand residents and visitors to San Francisco braved the rain to defend abortion rights Saturday, taking to the streets in solidarity with hundreds of Women's March events around the world.

Protest issues were diverse, as was the crowd. But the overriding theme was common to all; to refuse to accept Donald Trump and everything he stands for. 

We are determined to prevent consolidation of the fascist forces behind Trump's election. Should such reordering take place, posits, resistance and change become immeasurably more difficult.

It's important to do this march now because I'm going to be 17 in two days and Trump is going to be the president when I am just becoming an adult," said Charlotte from Cupertino. "I think the older generation still has a voice and should use that voice, but it's also important for my generation to join in and speak up about what they think is right."

We must not lose momentum. We can force a political situation in which the Trump-Pence regime is denied the legitimacy to rule. But it will take more than a petition. We must stop business-as-usual this week. 

Get Into the Streets and March!

Main Calls to Action Today Is Trump's First Big Work Day, His Effective Day One


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