Support Free Speech Rights at City College; Defy Arrests & Jailing of Revolution Club

World Can't Wait, NYC Chapter | November 1, 2016

City College was for years a center of critical thinking, producing radical activists, artists and Nobel Prize winners.  But now it allows the NYPD and the US military to actively recruit on campus.  It has a major academic center named for Colin Powell, who argued for the US war on Iraq based on facts he knew were lies.  General David Petraeus is an honored visiting professor. 

Friday October 28, four activists with the Revolution Club were detained, arrested and jailed by NYPD for 24 hours after they spoke to students -- who were applauding and filming them -- in the cafeteria.  Full story here on

cc4nyOpen Letter from Raymond Lotta: We Cannot Allow Revolutionary Ideas to be Suppressed in the University; We Cannot Allow Revolutionaries to be Criminalized

Sign the petition circulating at CCNY to Support @NYCRevClub being allowed on campus without arrest.

Thursday, November 3 at 12:00 pm City College NYC
North Academic Center (NAC) Building, Convent Ave. off 138th Street
(#1 to 137th Street; A, C, B to 135th Street)  Facebook Event
The Revolution Club—and others―will be back on campus and you must be there—to hear what the university—backed by its campus police—is trying to suppress, and to have their backs.

Contact Dr. Mary Erina Driscoll, Interim President of City College, phone 212-650-6638, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to demand that the Revolution Club and the Get Into the Revolution National Organizing Tour be allowed onto the campus. Leave voicemail messages.

Main Calls to Action Support Free Speech Rights at City College; Defy Arrests & Jailing of Revolution Club


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