Are You Counting on Us? We're Counting on You, Too.

By Samantha Goldman
In this season of reflection and renewal, we hope you will recommit to bold resistance to stop the crimes of this government by making a donation to World Can’t Wait. Now is the time for us to recommit to doing everything in our power to stop the suffering here and abroad that our government is responsible for. When you renew your support of World Can’t Wait with an end-of-year donation not only do you reaffirm our shared values of putting the lives of all of humanity and the planet first but you make this message visible and real in the world.

You can count on World Can’t Wait to be there when & where resistance is needed:
•    On the 10th anniversary of the opening of Guantanamo we will be part of a National Day of action in D.C., San Francisco, and Chicago
•    On January 22, the anniversary of Roe V. Wade, we will be in D.C. standing up for women’s right to abortion.
•    This spring we will be taking the We Are Not Your Soldiers Tour to the schools where young people are being most heavily recruited. Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who are now against these wars will have the opportunity to share the stories with students and work with students to develop ways to resist the recruiters at their schools.
•    We will be at the G8, NATO, Democrat and Republican Conventions challenging the dogs of war & speaking the truth about the crimes of this government.

Can we count on you to join us?
Kathleen Barry, Author of Unmaking War, Remaking Men: How Empathy Can Reshape our Politics, Our Soldiers and Ourselves:
The clarity of Debra Sweet's vision, the amazing women who work with her around the country, and that work of World Can't Wait is a gift of light against the harsh and demeaning darkness of US ongoing wars and occupations. World Can't Wait leaves no stone unturned in exposing US war crimes and in proactive programs such as working with veterans in We Are Not Your Soldiers in high schools. I am particularly grateful for the opportunity to work with Debra Sweet and World Can't Wait in challenging the masculinity of war in their sponsorship of a New York City book tour for Unmaking War, Remaking Men (2011).

Joe Scarry, blogger and activist:

Many of us now understand we cannot just delegate the tasks of remedying U.S. government violence to politicians. We need to get personally involved, get out into the streets, and take a stand!

That's a tall order and it's hard to do it alone. Leadership, encouragement, organization, and camaraderie are a must. That's why I've found World Can't Wait so important. Week in, week out, World Can't Wait is out in front, showing us we can resist the misdeeds of our government.

I'm determined to stick with it, and I'm counting on World Can't Wait to be right there with me, saying, "You can do it!"

Nick Mottern, director of Consumers for Peace and kNOw Drones:

I appreciate working with World Can't Wait because it takes on torture, war crimes, the persecution of Bradley Manning, drones, stop and frisk by the New York City Police and other abuses of power in a very clear, aggressive way. It is a small organization that has a big impact because the WCW people are highly responsive, imaginative and reliable in their commitment to each other and their allies.

Read more messages from activists like you.
Samantha Goldman, The World Can't Wait
P.S. Remember, only five more days to make your donation tax-deductible. Donate today!
Just one example of this activism 
With reports in 2009 that the Obama administration was rapidly increasing the use of unmanned drones in the so-called "war on terror," World
Can't Wait was one of a few groups who sounded the alarm.  Occupations of whole peoples was bad enough.  Reapers and Predators stalking and killing people without risk to personnel in the huge U.S. military machine is a particularly inhuman feature of these wars without end. We are joining in educating people about the huge fleet of drones being produced in the U.S. and used virtually without limit. 

Occupiers marching from San Francisco to Washington put it simply, "When drones fly, children die. Stop the wars now!"

On Friday night December 23, Nick Mottern, Stephanie, Sharon and Jay, along with filmmaker David, set up a replica of a drone (above) outside the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in NYC. They handed out flyers to people who were interested in why a replica of a U.S. made drone was on the streets of Manhattan.

World Can't Wait set up outside the MoMA because Harun Farocki: Images of War (at a Distance) is on exhibit till January 2. It deals with video-game technology used to train soldiers in practices of high-tech modern warfare.

Nick set up the drone replica with a camera that attached to a laptop so that when people walked past the drone they could see themselves in the crosshairs of the drone. The World Can't Wait crew met a few people who had come off of the NYC elist announcement and a lot of people who had never heard of World Can't Wait or, in many cases, much about drones.

David filmed people reacting to seeing themselves caught in the crosshairs and Nick interviewing a young woman from Pakistan who had a lot to say about the drone attacks on Pakistan.

World Can't Wait will be outside the MoMA again this Friday, December 30 to talk to more people about the drone attacks and the work World Can't Wait is doing.


Main Calls to Action Are You Counting on Us? We're Counting on You, Too.


World Can't Wait mobilizes people living in the United States to stand up and stop war on the world, repression and torture carried out by the US government. We take action, regardless of which political party holds power, to expose the crimes of our government, from war crimes to systematic mass incarceration, and to put humanity and the planet first.