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We are not your soldiers at the LA Rising concert
Chicago Protest to Drive out the Bush Regime
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We Are Not Your Soldiers at the LA Rising concert, July 2011.

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World Can't Wait came together after George W. Bush's re-election. When Bush claimed a mandate for endless war wrapped in sanctimonious theocracy, we issued the call to Drive Out the Bush Regime. A series of protests across the country involving hundreds of cities and tens of thousands of people launched a movement to "seek to create a political situation where the Bush administration's program is repudiated, where Bush himself is driven from office, and where the whole direction he has been taking U.S. society is reversed."

When widespread opposition to the Bush program brought the election of Barack Obama, we decided to continue the mission to stop the crimes of your government.  A determined, mass movement independent of the Democratic Party has not yet become widespread enough to halt the wars, torture, police state measures, and the culture of bigotry characterized by the "global war on terror."

It is outrageous that crimes continue to be carried out in our names.  So, it is a very good thing that this national organization is still committed to speak the truth, mobilize serious political resistance and actually stop the "war OF terror" with all its associated outrages of political repression, brutal torture and more.

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Students protesting October 6, 2006 to Drive Out the Bush Regime in Chicago

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Will you take responsibility to end the crimes that are being carried out in your name? In order to expand this movement when it's needed more than ever, supporters are needed to sustain, at $2 to $1,000 each month.

Individual supporters fund World Can't Wait's national operations by donating monthly. Sustainers pay expenses for our national office which is staffed by volunteers, with college and high school interns - a vital organizing hub providing critical resources for people across the country who want to stop the crimes of this government. Sustainers keep national newsletters coming, and 4 websites funded. Because of our sustainers we are able to organize a visible force of opposition to the wars, torture, and the fascistic direction within the US when it is needed more than ever.

"The World Can't Wait is my favorite organization because they fight for human rights wherever a fight is needed. I particularly appreciate their work to counter the vicious attacks on women's rights to birth control and abortion. I am also an avid supporter of their fight to end torture and the wars through the We Are Not Your Soldiers tour and visible, mass resistance. This organizations work could drive humanity to a better tomorrow, but instead of environment ruining gasoline it needs funds to continue and increase its great work... I want a way to a better tomorrow and that's what the World Can't Wait is. So help fill up their tank in ANY way you can and together we can make sure the world doesn't have to wait any longer."
   - a 16 year old donor

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Mobilizing to support abortion provider Dr. Carhart, in Germantown, MD, July 2011

Free Bradley Manning contingent at the San Francisco Gay Pride March, June 2011

Outreach in Berkeley, CA against "Torture Professor" John Yoo, May 2011

Protesting at  Quantico, VA to free Bradley Manning, March 2011

Protesting the continuing wars in Washington, DC on the 7th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, March, 2011

Hawaii Gay Pride "Bradley Manning Way Out for Justice" Contingent, June 2011

Demanding Guantanamo Be Closed, Washington, DC, March 2011